Various Pred Items For Sale.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mannowar, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Ks hunter

    Ks hunter Unblooded

    Doesn't look like they're getting to you so PM sent.
  2. reptilelover95

    reptilelover95 Young Blood

    Do you have any resin gauntlets/blades for sale? (Either version)
  3. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright Unblooded

    Once you've reach fifty plus post you are allowed use the marketplace.  You are however not allowed to thread jack someone elses sales thread.  Please be mindful of other members posts in the future.

    Hunter's Moon
  4. Maniac221

    Maniac221 Unblooded

    PM sent . 
  5. Xenothis

    Xenothis Hunter

    what will be the shipping to Xenia, Ohio for P1 hands and feet. Are they raw.
  6. jasonx

    jasonx Hunter

    pm sent
  7. Jillian Paul

    Jillian Paul Unblooded

    How much is your P1 Feet Raw cost + shipping ? You can convo anytime thanks
  8. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Response sent.
  9. Arevalo6701

    Arevalo6701 Unblooded

    Dies the mask come with the dreads already attached?
  10. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    No, mask prices are for raw masks without dreads.
  11. Pestvic

    Pestvic Hunter

    Dimensions of the skin, hands and wolf armor if you please? I would love to know if they would fit snug. Thanks!
  12. kennisavage

    kennisavage Unblooded

    Still have pred feet

    BATIMAN Hunter

    Hey man

    Would love to see this updated :()

  14. gromitbassist

    gromitbassist Hunter

    A pm was sent regarding avp gauntlets, computer and bladed.

  15. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Elite Hunter

  16. Tatooineboy

    Tatooineboy Unblooded

    Wolf armor still available?
  17. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Elite Hunter

    Did you get my PM buddy's? Could I buy the Wolff calf armour and anklets on their own please, if yes how much inc P&P to the UK . Also do you make them in Resin/fibreglass?
  18. ThePriest

    ThePriest Hunter

    Hello there i would like to buy a set of avp feet with dusters for 165.00 please. let me know when you are ready to ship i have money in hand and can pay whenever you are ready. need asap.
  19. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Hey Priest... sent you a PM.
  20. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Just a quick bump of this thread with Halloween just around the corner. If you need anything, hit me up.
  21. infantrywarrior

    infantrywarrior Unblooded

  22. blade

    blade Guest

    Pm sent
  23. RURC

    RURC Unblooded

    Your work is great. Working up an order for my son.
  24. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Just a bump... this thread is still current and all is still available.
  25. YautjaKShai

    YautjaKShai Elite Hunter

    Maybe very interested in the feet!!! The P1 style feet. Oooooooo

    Are they still available?

    Do you have any P2 style shoulder cannons?

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