Various Pred Items For Sale.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mannowar, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. justice

    justice Unblooded

    pm sent again i got youre PM but looks like youre not recieving ours . This is my 4th time bro
  2. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    I'll look into it Mike
  3. fierce hunter

    fierce hunter Unblooded

  4. ThePred2012

    ThePred2012 Young Blood

    Im a little late to the party here, but do you have anymore teeth sets available?
  5. XilianX2010

    XilianX2010 Hunter

    How big are the tusks and teeth?
  6. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Yes, this is pretty much an ongoing thread, it just hasn't been bumped in a while. What kind of mask do you have, or are you just looking for a mixed bunch of extras. Feel free to PM me.

    They're sized to fit wearable masks. They vary from around 1/4 inch for teeth to a 1/2 inch for canines to up to around 3 inches for tusks. Feel free to PM me with specific questions.
  7. R Sutter

    R Sutter Hunter

    Hey Mannowar,

    the AVP resin gaunt set, does it come painted? Or are they just raw resin casts?
  8. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Bump to keep everyone up-to-date and the thread alive.
  9. Ks hunter

    Ks hunter Unblooded

    PM sent
  10. Jcharl02

    Jcharl02 Unblooded

    PM sent
  11. roaglaan

    roaglaan Unblooded

    PM sent
  12. bkzomen

    bkzomen Unblooded

    soo.. is anything still up for sale lol
  13. jerseyveers

    jerseyveers Unblooded

  14. justice

    justice Unblooded

    pm send bro
  15. ElDonNasty

    ElDonNasty Unblooded

    Pm sent wolf armour
  16. djodjo2xl

    djodjo2xl Unblooded

    Pm Sent :)
  17. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

  18. ThePred2012

    ThePred2012 Young Blood

    Hi is the hybrid Elder mask still available? Can you tell me about the size of it? I think I have a normal sized head, is it a good fit, or foamed already?
  19. pdisc

    pdisc Veteran Hunter

    Nothing but quality work from you Scott...need to get more from ya
  20. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Thanks D... some more stuff in the works in the near future.
  21. warpappy

    warpappy Unblooded

    hi mannowar,

    sent you an email. :)
  22. Ei luj

    Ei luj Elite Hunter

    Message incoming :D
  23. Arevalo6701

    Arevalo6701 Unblooded

    Still have any gauntlets?
  24. Mannowar

    Mannowar Elite Hunter

    Yep.  PM sent
  25. Ks hunter

    Ks hunter Unblooded

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