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    Since there's been an influx of new members over the past few months, I figured I'd post up most of what I offer, since it's been a little while since I've posted anything in the Buy and Sell. These items are available RAW (though painted versions are available for an extra charge) and the photos of the painted versions are for reference only, to show what they can look like when finished. Also, pertaining to the masks specifically, no dreads are available currently. Dreaded mask photos are for reference only. It generally takes me 2 or 3 days to cast anything if it's not already cast. I don't have photos of any raw P1 armor sets, so I'm including photos of the P1 armor on one of the suit builds I did as a reference.
    Just to reiterate so there's no confusion, photos of painted versions are for reference only. Also, individual pieces are available, so if you don't need an entire armor set, hit me up for whatever you need. Feel free to PM me here or contact my direct email at: Trades will be considered.

    Paypal or money order accepted. Thanks.

    P-1 CLOSED MOUTH v.2. Slightly larger in dims to the DB P1 gen. 2 and my version 1. Neck ring is sculpted in and the mandibles and tusks/teeth are resin. (Photos of painted versions are for reference only) $200 shipped US... $250 shipped international.
    P1v2 wdreads 350a.jpg KB head 150a.jpg

    P-1 CLOSED MOUTH. Similar in dims to the DB P1 gen. 2, though maybe about 1/2" narrower from side to side at widest point of the crown. Resin mandibles and tusks/teeth. (Photo of painted version for reference)
    $150 shipped US... $200 shipped international.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

    P-2 ELDER with mandibles and resin tusks and teeth. This one is from the Snyder molds and is a bit smaller than my closed mouth P1. (photos of raw and painted versions for reference)
    $150 shipped US... $200 shipped international.
    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

    Hybrid Elder with mandibles, resin teeth and Celtic etched tusks, and neck ring. Roughly the size of the DB P1 v2.
    $175 shipped US... $225 shipped international.
    Valerio 150a.jpg Valerio Head 150a - Copy.jpg Valerio Head profile 150a.jpg
    Hybrid Elder bio 150a.jpg New_Bio_250a.jpg

    Skins... Male and Female
    $590 shipped US... $650 shipped international.
    Raw_Skin_002_50.jpg Raw_Skin_002_closeup_50.jpg Raw_Skin_004_rear_50.jpg
    DV350a.jpg Skin 4.jpg Skin 6.jpg
    DV 150a.jpg DV 650a.jpg Female_Suit_150.jpg

    Resin P1 Gauntlets and Blades. Blades cast in semi-rigid Task 14, so they flex a bit and won't break. Gaunts are a bit bigger and easier to assemble than the DBs
    $275 shipped US... $325 shipped international.
    P1_Gauntlets_250.jpg P1_Gauntlets_150.jpg P1_gauntlets_350.jpg

    Resin AvP Gauntlets and Blades. Blades cast in semi-rigid Task 14, so they flex a bit and won't break. Gaunts are a bit bigger and easier to assemble than the Ruffkintoys
    $275 shipped US... $325 shipped international.

    AvP Blade gaunt .jpg AvP CPU gaunt.jpg AvP gauntlet Pair .jpg
    AvP gauntlet Pair 2.jpg

    P1 HANDS. These are for those with larger hands, so if you are "hand challenged" these are going to swim on you.
    $85 shipped US... $115 shipped international.
    P1 hands front cropped 50.jpg P1 hands palms cropped 50.jpg

    P-2 HANDS. These are for those with larger hands, so if you are "hand challenged" these are going to swim on you.
    $85 shipped US... $115 shipped international.
    P2_Hands_150.jpg P2_Hands_250.jpg

    P-1 FEET. These are designed for those who want to wear lifts inside. They'll accommodate up to at least 4" lifts.
    $125 shipped US... $175 shipped international.
    P1_Feet_front_150.jpg P1_Feet_side_250.jpg

    $165 shipped US... $200 shipped international.
    AvP_Feet_150.jpg AvP_Feet_250.jpg

    P-1 ARMOR SET. Includes, shoulder pauldrons, bicep armor, torso armor, backpack, thigh plates, cod piece, shins and resin gaunlets with blades, resin P1 cannon/mount. NOTE: Please see the following thread for photos of the cannon...
    $850 shipped US... $900 shipped international.
    Contact for individual piece prices.
    Haze_1A.jpg P1 backpack 250.jpg P1 cod piece 150.jpg
    P1 left thigh.jpg P1 right thigh.jpg P1 shoulder pauldron 150.jpg
    P1 torso 150.jpg P1_shin_side_2.jpg

    WOLF ARMOR SET. Includes left shoulder, chest, cod piece, thighs and shins w/anklets.
    $315 shipped US... $365 shipped international.
    Partial_Wolf_Armor_150.jpg Wolf_Chest_150.jpg Wolf_Cod_Piece_150.jpg
    Wolf_Shoulder_150.jpg Wolf_Thigh_Armor_150.jpg Wolf_Shin_front_150.jpg
    Wolf_Shin_side_150.jpg Wolf_Shin_rear_close_up_150.jpg

    PARTIAL AVP ARMOR SETS. Includes shoulder pauldrons, thighs, cod and butt flaps, sternum/spine plates, buckle and shins Some Hybrid pieces are available as well. No backpack available but coming very soon.
    $675 shipped US... $775 shipped international.
    AvP_Armor_Set_150.jpg AvP_Pauldrons_150.jpg AvP_Thigh_Armor_150.jpg
    Avp_Sternum_150.jpg Belt_Box_50.jpg Center_Chest_Piece.jpg
    AvP_Shin_Front_150.jpg AvP_Shin_Side_150.jpg AvP_anklet_150.jpg
    Hybrid_Thigh_150.jpg Hybrid_Pauldron_150.jpg Hybrid_CodPiece150.jpg

    $300 shipped US... $370 shipped international.
    AvP Torso LR250a.jpg AvP Torso LR350a.jpg

    P-2 COD PIECE Available in either latex or resin.
    Latex: $25 shipped US... $45 shipped international.
    Resin: $35 shipped US... $55 shipped international.

    Resin Belt Buckle I mold a functional belt buckle into this buckle, so it actually could be modified into a real belt buckle. Bottom flap is for mounting the cod piece.
    $50 shipped US... $65 shipped international.

    RESIN TUSKS AND TEETH as seen in the mask photos.
    $20 shipped US... $25 shipped international.
    Mandibles_and_Tusks_25.jpg Elder_350.jpg

    $25 shipped US... $40 shipped international.

    Hybrid Elder bio 150a.jpg
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    PM SENT!
  3. Mannowar

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    Sorry Garo... Not a Wolf neck ring.
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    PM Sent Mannowar... did you see it? I've had problems getting PMs thru
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    Yes, I got it... I'll hit you with more info tomorrow.
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    PM Sent
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    All PM's replied to.
  8. framed

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    is the pred1 armor from latex or resin?

  9. Mannowar

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    Pred 1 armor is all latex.
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    PM sent.
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    PM sent about the tusks and teeth ;)

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    Hey Julie,
    PM sent.
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    PM sent.
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    PM sent.
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    i want the feet and hands please, how i contact u??
  17. Milk

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    can you post more pics of the P2 head? maybe some raw pics? or a comparison with a soda can?
  18. Mannowar

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    I'll try to get on that sometime tonight. May be late tonight.
  19. Mannowar

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    Sorry this took a couple extra days... Here it is with the can as you requested.
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    Did you get a pic of the neck ring yet by chance?
  21. mortenharket

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    Im interested in the hands, but what dimensions are we talking. Span? overall length? Finger length and id be interested in painted with a P1 colour scheme if possible.

    Cheers :)
  22. Mannowar

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    Completely spaced it... I have a raw one cast right now... I'll get a photo of it tonight when I get home.
  23. Mannowar

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    I'll get you dims on those tonight as well.
  24. Mannowar

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    Here are a couple photos of the raw neck ring on a mask.
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    hello do you sold again a predator cloth mouth ?
    i will sent to you a message on your email.
    i am interessed but i change of home in one month and my adress for the command will be change.
    if you have many command ,for me it will be long.
    must i wait one month maby . thank you
    your work is super .

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