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Discussion in 'Predator Models, Statues and Figures' started by LunaticNic, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Wreav

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  2. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    It's more than well, I got insider scoop ;D They're amaze-balls! :D

    Sorry can't help myself, i'll just see myself out...
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  3. LunaticNic

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    I believe I am hereby relieved of "Pics" duty, and raise the stakes by 3 vampires :D ...
    Your move Wreav! :) where are the pics of that elder?

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  4. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Aw those minions look nice. Give me a day or two ;) you will all have those much needed pictures.
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