P1'ish Bio Sculpt - Dimensions & Measurements

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by bruticus666, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Hello All!

    I've been away for quite some time - since 2012, I believe. My last sculpt I showed was an Engineer Space Jockey mask many years ago, and I have taken quite the hiatus from sculpting stuff for a while, also. Trying my hand back at some Predator stuff, as I was too timid in the past - everyone's sculpts are just so good, it is a bit daunting! My main focus is getting the measurement as close to original sizing, and symmetry - I had procured a few years back, as best as I could guess, a botched, crappy recast of a P1 bio that was severely deformed and weighed a ton..I was using it as a base to sculpt on, but because it was super warped, I threw it in the trash in a bout of rage...fast forward a few weeks - new clay, new armature, and new inspiration...problem is...I don't have anything to compare measurements to...so, I have taken a few measurements and pics of my progress, in hopes that someone can at least guide me in the correct direction. I'm not going for P1 accuracy, just an approximate look - mainly using the ol' Kenner Renegade bio as inspiration, and sticking with this initial design, despite using a 1:4 scale NECA pred as reference...I like the harder edges as opposed to a more organic look.

    I'll start here with the pictures. Looking for some criticism in regards to dimensions, but don't hesitate to tear it apart!! ;)...this has been a super fun, and Zen project of mine the past few weeks, but I don't want to get too far into it and realize it will be too small (for 1:1 and to fit on an actual mask). Pretty happy with it so far - hasn't been as much work as I was dreading, and of course, the Monster Clay (FIRM) is heaven to work with!

    I freakin' love you all :love:, and have enjoyed watching what everyone has come up with - and really hope to snag a couple of your casts (Jason, I'm looking at you, bro - talked about buying one with you years ago, and then I went AWOL! I'll be in touch!)

    Don't hesitate to hit me up with questions or comments - I value your feedback! Tear it apart!

    Bam!& Sincerely,
    pred_sculpt copy.jpg
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    TRI LASER Blooded

    After measuring mine i have to say you are not far off. Yours being a bit bigger than 1:1, but only by a couple inch length wise. Jaw to jaw you are looking about 15inch instead. Hope this helps. :)
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    That's awesome man! It definitely makes me feel a ton better! Thank you so much! If I may, what bio(s) are you sporting?!

    TRI LASER Blooded

    I have a p1 stunt from the movie mould. Cant really get more accurate than that for dimensions. P1bio redo.jpg
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    That'sa BEAUT!! I looked at your gallery, and man, I'm jealous! Been a pred nut for over 25 years, and have only had 2 bios...and they've both managed to get broke...I fully intend on making my collection a lot like yours! I can't get over the detail in your pieces!

    Did you sculpt any of them?

    And seriously bro, thanks again man! You really calmed my anxiety about the bio size! I'll adjust as necessary!

    Keep in touch, homie!!!!
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    Looking great! Don't get caught up on symmetry because even the P1 Stunt isn't perfectly symmetrical ;)
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    No problem man, glad to help. No i didn't sculpt any, i just painted them :)
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    Thanks bro! Been following your work for quite a while! Not super concerned with getting it 100%, but as close as I can...just got some more clay in today, so, will be Zen'in' out with some tools and music for a few hours! So addictive....!
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    Do either of you guys recommend a particular laser shroud(s) that will work for either LED or laser? Was wanting to build my own out of odds n' ends, but I don't have reference measurements for that, either...
  10. bruticus666

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    What's up Predatorium?! Just wanted to show a bit of progress on my sculpt - getting REALLY excited to see this guy cast in resin! Almost to completion!
    *Tried* to not harp on symmetry too much - obviously, there are a ton of imperfections if you really pick it apart....again, not going for accurate P1 (yet) - just an overall generic Yautja bio - trying to get a feel for the flow of not only working with the firm Monster Clay, but also for smoothing and tooling this bucket - Ronsonal+sponge+brillo pad+sandpaper seems to do the trick! Snagged a tri-set of the laser shrouds from DJDesigns - LOVE EM! - I have access to a laser cutter/engraver at work that will really help me with some mechanical pieces that I don't want to sculpt in the future. On the "hunt" for odds and ends to use on the left temple for air-hose connection...leaning towards some conduit tubing...suggestions/comments/etc., on all welcome!

    IMG_20170710_200511.jpg IMG_20170710_200518.jpg IMG_20170710_200546.jpg IMG_20170710_200550.jpg IMG_20170710_200558.jpg IMG_20170710_200511.jpg
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    Very nice, great progress. :)
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    Oh, thats really good:)
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    Good Sunday Afternoon to you all!

    Thanks for the comments! I have an update on progress - decided it was mold time...could not stand it anymore. I was a plethora of emotions up until 30 minutes ago...everything has leveled off, and I breathed a sigh of relief! It's time for a bowl! ;)

    I've had luck smoothing (as best as I could without going insane) with some Ronsonal, a sponge, brillo pad, and a stipple brush.

    4 total layers of Rebound 25 - First 2 coats for detail, 3rd coat using a bit of ThiVex, 4th coat to fill undercuts with ThiVex
    IMG_20170715_161410.jpg IMG_20170715_161417.jpg IMG_20170716_082853.jpg IMG_20170716_082924.jpg
    ***trimmed the little silicone stalactites with Xacto after it sets up firm

    Onto the mother mold - this part of the process always makes me nervous, having to consider undercuts and whatnot, and to be quite honest, I felt a 2 pt mother-mold would lessen any changes of a warped cast, parts breaking, and I felt it'd last a heck of a lot longer - I decided to go with a rigid, MDO braced mother mold from fiberglass (mat & woven). First, using cardboard to make a divider wall down the middle. The template would then be traced onto 3/8 MDO board to make 2 more templates w/ holes drilled through to bolt together.

    Mother mold!
    IMG_20170716_162813.jpg IMG_20170716_152023.jpg IMG_20170716_162803.jpg

    Currently waiting for it to get hard enough so I can give it a good dremeling....

    Excited and nervous!

    Until next time...
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