The Alien prequel is now Prometheus

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Warpaint, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. CharlesBishop95

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    I agree. At the end of the day people just should watch it before there judge it! :p
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  2. Usurper

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    I do not recall anyone here stating such worries, anyone who knows anything about the film knows it is the prequel and the lead up to ALIEN, Ridley already mentioned there will not be any xenos............ that were are used to seeing, does not mean they will not be heavily hinted at, and yes it will probably be left for a 2nd film to link the franchise together, which is fine by me.

    no one is getting upset.......

    only excited. :D
  3. Warpaint

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    Hey folks,

    Empire has a super-detailed Hi-res shot by shot breakdown of the newest Theatrical trailer:

    *Do not clicky if you haven't already seen the trailer
  4. mortenharket

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    Just to avoid any confusion, Sir Scott has said that he only considers Alien and Aliens to be canon in his vision. So any mention of Weyland etc in Alien 3 or Ressurection can be disregarded and AVP 1&2 should be destroyed with fire in most respects.

    This film is going to rock. I have been reading up on the Greek Mythology of Prometheus due to excitement and after looking at the trailer my mind starts to wander........ Prometheus was the son of Iepatus and the god of forethought and crafty counsel. He was tasked with moulding man from clay. He stole fire from Zeus and gave it to man for which he was punished by being bound to a rock and have an eagle eat his ever regenerating liver. Pandora the first woman was created as mans punishment to deliver misfortune. So along with being the name of the ship is Prometheus the space jockey also? Did the space jockey steal tech from a higher power and give it to man and was imprisoned by this higher power but left clues for makind to find him to set him free in the future to finish his work once mankind had developed sufficiently to fill his needs? Is the xeno the eagle used to imprison Prometheus. What is Weylands involvement? Does he know more than he lets on at the start? Is he seeking eternal life? Prometheus is the god of forethought so is this all part of his plan?

    What are your thoughts guys?
  5. jasp

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  6. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    urg , im going to have to stop looking at these trailers and info again, i really do not want to know much more.

    It looks beautifully filmed.
    suspense grows as it should.
    Sci-Fi/horror the way they are meant to be made ( yes thats a big fuck you to slasher flcks )

    Im gong to thank Ridley Scott already for what could turn the film trend towards Sci-fi/horror again , granted Zombies are still cool, but the more Sci-fi is successful , the more chance there is of another Predator film, with hopefully a decent budget and cast.

    EDIT: ok i know its very unlikely, but wouldnt it be awesome if Ridley decided to do a Predator film in the same scale!
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  7. mortenharket

    mortenharket Hunter

    I agree Lee. I feel like im starting to see more than I want to see. Despite how curious I am I will try restrain myself lol. There are a few things that are apparant now but I want to leave some shock factors for the theatre :)
  8. tusky

    tusky Elite Hunter

    Hmmm i watched the new trailer and i think i saw too much.
    Think i will avoid anymore tidbits,....if i can :unsure:
    Looks like it will be an exellent tale told by the Master Sir Ridley Scott
    Unfortunatly it is giving me flashbacks of AVP with the premise of the story back ground based around the creation of the earth :(
  9. zuckuss77

    zuckuss77 Hunter

    I hate to been a Debbie downer but should we not use spoiler talk, i can care less about spoiling the unspoil able.There's some things we are not going to see until the release i hope because i kind of knew about this story for a while. Don't really take me to serious but i would love to chat about this movie.
  10. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    People are going to GUESS and try to fill in gaps, being as the film is NOT out yet , nothing is really a spoiler.
  11. tusky

    tusky Elite Hunter

    Yeah sorry i tried to find how to do spolier hide thing but couldn't then tried to delete but failed!!!
    I suck on computers :(
  12. zuckuss77

    zuckuss77 Hunter

    And with that said i do think they let what they want to leak out, i remember they were being very weird about anything leaving the studio.But i didn't know the Prometheus rammed the derelict ship to crash it wow
  13. Bonecollector

    Bonecollector Unblooded

    I agree Usurper! Preadator beginning, Predator first intergallactic hunt! Ohh my they could do so many awsome things! Im super siked about this film and anything that keeps our passion going.
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  14. zuckuss77

    zuckuss77 Hunter

    I have a fear we will never get a movie the predators deserve, i in-vision a three part story of the predators on there home world preparing to stop the super predators from advancing on them in there home world and the few elder predator's geared up and getting ready.And if set far enough in the future the human's with space travel prepare to turn the tide in are favor for there technology.
    But i was dreaming of the predator personalities and there live and way of life.They may have moments of violence in there ranks that other predators are passive about.We dont know much about there way of life and here Prometheus giving us what we always want if your an alien fan , kind of sad
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  15. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Elite Hunter

    Umm going back to 1979 .... ALIEN

    Mala'kak, Space Jockey, or The Pilot. These are all names given to this species, as well as their scientific name, thought of as "'Mundus gubernavi" or "Universal Pilot." Little is known about these creatures but they are theorized by some to have been the creators of the Xenomorphs or "Alien" and are supposedly experts in the field of Bio-engineering. According to one theory, the Pilots were thought to have created the Xenomorphs as a biological weapon against the Yautja's (predatory alien species) much as various humans themselves would plan to do after first encountering the Xenomorphs on Acheron--and that the Xenomorphs were used to end a civil war, which apparently went horribly wrong. This theory also explains the large amount of alien eggs in the ships cargo bay under the security field. Either way, the only crew member found was the captain and was discovered with ribs protruding outward, showing that a Xenomorph chest burster had been implanted.

    Thirteen to fifteen years after the destruction of the Hadley's Hope colony on Acheron, a still-living member of this species established contact with the young woman known as Billie, while rescuing Billie and her comrades on their mission to the Xenomorph homeworld. A childhood survivor of another Xenomorph infestation on the planet Rim, Billie shared with the Pilot a longing for revenge against the entire Xenomorph species. The Pilot followed them back to Earth, where it revealed to Billie its new plan to use Earth's own xenomorph outbreak to conquer the planet.

    The Pilot used the power of its ship--identical to the derelict on Acheron--to begin terraforming the Earth, lowering the temperature worldwide. The human government made contact with the Pilot, sending the President of the United States and other representatives to the ship to negotiate terms of surrender. Sensing betrayal, the Pilot attacked the President's party. Swallowing a capsule, the President appeared to have triggered the birth of a chestburster gestating within him, which promptly attacked the terrified Pilot. A signal was sent, and the Pilot's ship was destroyed by nuclear warheads.

    I owe on of the books from Giger and there is alot of pics about these jockey's. really pumped to watch this movie. :)
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  16. vgfett

    vgfett Hunter

    My apologies if this question has already been asked but, does anyone have plans to wear their Pred suit to the movie in honor of the AVP relationship, even though there most likely won't be any preds in the film?

    (I'm always looking for a reason to do more work on my suit and get it out, thus my question :) )

  17. vgfett

    vgfett Hunter

    I stopped watching the trailers at the end of last year bc yes, I agree, they are starting to show too much!
  18. zuckuss77

    zuckuss77 Hunter

    They dialed back alittle i haven't seen much lately on this, kind of a good thing.One month to go :D
  19. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    There is another little behind the scenes sneaky thing flaoting about on Facebook, so far i have resisted the temptation to click.

    at this point it is not worth the risk of ruining the film.
  20. berserk wolf

    berserk wolf Elite Hunter

    I'm kinda scared to do that actualy. I don't awant to be attacked by the hardcore Xeno fans. Example, I have a, well, not a friend anymore, but she and I always fought about who was better Xenos or Preds. She was a hardcore Xeno fan and she always won :/
  21. vgfett

    vgfett Hunter

    Yeah but they don't actually make Xeno costumes, right? Unless of course you went dressed as the Space Jockey. Now that would be wild.
  22. Armyofhades

    Armyofhades Hunter

    This movie is gonna be bad ass I dont think we will get to much in this first one but it will be great none the less- and it would be bad ass if we could get even just the smallest of reference to the predators.

  23. Warpaint

    Warpaint Hunter

    I saw the Avengers yesterday, and was able to watch the newest trailer in IMAX 3D - needless to say it was absolutley stunning.

    My lack of updates in this thread has been a bit intentional; I stopped reading up on Prometheus news, theories, and discussions beacause I honestly don't want to know ANYTHING more than I already do (which is too much as is) until showtime.

    I will be right back in that IMAX 3D seat in just over a month and a day with white knuckles, bewilderment, and hopefully terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

    There is a meaty Promethues thread over on the Replica Prop Forum if you need a fix. (Speculation and potential spoliers beware.)
  24. Dr Odd

    Dr Odd Unblooded

    I heard today from a reliable source that the movie has officially been rated R. Thank god, cause for awhile they said it might be pg13
  25. vgfett

    vgfett Hunter

    I went back and watched Alien the other night with the Commentaries on, and it talked about the role of the Space Jockey craft in the original film, as per Ridley Scott. I don't want to post if that will be spoiler material, but if I may post what was said, I'd like to pose some other questions based off of the details :D

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