Starship Troopers Armor Templates and Pep Helmet Files

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  1. Nintendude

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    Here you guys go. The templates for the armor have to be sized to fit you, if someone can resize these templates cut up the segments and re-upload them to help people out that would be great. If you don't have the knowledge to rescale and if you have access to a projector you can use that to size the armor to you. The templates are to make the armor out of EVA Foam which you can get from a Home Depot store use the smooth side for the outside of the armor. Make one layer for the main part of the armor then make the small cutouts to glue onto the template plate. The helmet should be perfectly scaled.

    Helmet Pep File

    Yoke Front Top


    Front Bottom, the top of this part goes slightly under the bottom edge of the top armor


    Yoke Back Top


    Back Bottom, the top of this part goes slightly under the bottom edge of the top armor

  2. iliss

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    Nice one Nintendude. Quick question though, are there no .pdo's of the rest of the outfit apart from the helmet?
  3. Nintendude

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    The photos are used as a design template to cut pieces out of EVA Foam Mat, not pep since the armor in the film was a foam rubber material. The mats you can get from places such as Home Depot and are made by Harbor Freight they are also known as anti-fatigue mats.
  4. iliss

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    Ok, thanks for the info mate.
  5. Simetradon

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    Is that created using Google Sketch Up?

    Thanks for the template! You're awesome!
  6. tusky

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    Thats cool!
    Other than the CMC armour in Aliens, this is my next Fav.
    Thanks for ther templates
  7. daywalker

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    Thank you, once again you have outdone yourself.
  8. panik33

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    nice one man ive always wanted a trooper suit

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