Sculpting and Molding on an styrofoam head?

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    Hi guys
    i got an smal question....
    im gonna get me clay at saturday and a styrofoam head
    can i sculpt and mold on an styrofoam head?
    or do i need those expecive heads?
    any advices / help very apreciated
    thx again
  2. Fang

    Fang Elite Hunter

    A Styrofoam head will do the trick, you need to attach it to something for stability though. Most people take a metal pole and insert it into the bottom of the head onto a platform so it doesn't move. I'm not sure of the materials needed but I'm sure someone else here could shed some light on that.

    I sculpted a mask awhile ago on an expensive armature and when I did tried to take off the mold it got stuck and ruined my armature. That was with oil based clay, which sucks.


    im gonna try sum permoplast clay it should be soft ..?
  4. Fang

    Fang Elite Hunter

    Never heard of that kind of clay before. I know a site that's perfect for this I will send you a link on MSN.
  5. sullos

    sullos Unblooded

    I bought a poly head and sealed it, then made a mold of it and used a plaster version to sculpt on, still have the original here somewheres,
    also measured the poly head on mk2 and added in some clay to make it closer to my big boof head, sealed that, then again made a plaster of it.
    cool part about it is if you break or damage it, you just pour another one.
    Ideally thou if its for your head, find a place that can do you a "lifecast" that way you have your "own" head.
    I wouldve but having a goatee, I didnt want my face covered in vaseline and alginate!
  6. BANE

    BANE Hunter

    i made an armature the cheap way, i used a one of moy old halloween prop heads, it was getting old, so i decided to take the poly fill from inside, and make myself a duct tape head armature but with out the duct tape, i used the sheap plaster from wal-mart in the crafts section, it took close to 10 pounds of the plaster, i sealed the small aged holes in it, mixed the plaster with some little water ( making thicker plaster to pour) used the basic tutprial from herein the threads, bam poured the plaster, and as the plaster setup but still watery i added some of the head's old poly fill, thus to strengthen the pour, it turned out great to be my first attempt. but as the plaster was hardening, i inserted a pvc pipe and a t-section and poured around it, then attatcjed it to an old pvc figure base ( a jawa0 lol! i'll post more in the huntorials, by the way the pour looks like tor johnson alittle bit. lol thought this might help.
  7. carlart

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    BEFORE you begin sculpting you need to be aware of a couple of things.
    If you're sculpting a mask for yourself, you really need to use an armature that is as close to the measurements of your own head as possible. Proportions between the eyes, the nose and the mouth are critical. I would not use a styrofoam head.

    Like building a house, you need to start with a good foundation. Check out eBay or Monster for a life size armarture. You could do a duct tape armature of your head, but I'm not sure if that works as good as it does when doing a body. Instead of spending hours on a maybe, spend a few bucks on a definite.

    Since you will more than likely be casting in latex, be aware that because of it's high water content, latex will shrink inside the mold as it cures. To compensate for this, your sculpt should be approx. 1" larger all the way around. As far as being able to remove the sculpt from the armature? Forget it. Nine times out of ten, sculpts are ruined by the molding process--don't plan on extracting the sculpt from the armature in one piece.

    In regards to clay, it's really a matter of personal preference and skill. Some people use water based, I prefer oil. I've never heard of Permoplast, but I assume it's not what you're looking for. If you think you're going to be able to get good clay from a hobby store like Michael's forget it. You've got to go online and find some good stuff---do a search for the Complete Sculptor. They've got all kinds of sculpting materials there.

    Sorry to put a pin in your balloon, but this is an expensive hobby. You can short change it, spend the little money you do have, and wind up throwing the whole thing away when it comes out wrong.

    Good Luck




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