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  1. Alienator

    Alienator Unblooded

    Scar Predator sculpture in WEDclay, this has been sculpted on a lifecast which will be later used as the core to create a latex skinned soft foam lined undermask to be used for costuming with bio helmets

    Hope you like





  2. bodiee

    bodiee Hunter

    JAW DROPPING.....sighn me up for the first pull please.
  3. pdisc

    pdisc Veteran Hunter

    Thats pretty cool looking man...nice the look of this beast.
  4. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Elite Hunter

    Yeah, loving the look despite not liking the original character. Mind shooting some close-ups of the texture? Love to check out the up close look of guys' work!
  5. made007

    made007 Veteran Hunter

    great attention to detail, very nice
  6. Evaready098

    Evaready098 Unblooded

    Absolutley awsome! How do you plan to attach the bio to the mask? earth magnets maybe?
  7. Double H

    Double H Veteran Hunter

    Thats awesome work, the details are brilliant. Nice job fella
  8. MIKA

    MIKA Unblooded

    i love the scar, and this is awesome!
  9. MIKA

    MIKA Unblooded

    do you have the helmet?
  10. Alienator

    Alienator Unblooded

    Thanks for the comments guys :)

    Darth Pin I will try to take some pictures the next time It's unwrapped which should be for moulding

    Eva, Yes im going to try earth magnets on this build and see how it goes

    Mika, Yes, I produced a Movie sized AVP undermask (blank face) dreadlocks and Bio just prior to the first AVP film release

    Here's one that was modified to fit with earth magnets, this was the first one I sculpted a few years back

    Thanks again Gerard
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  11. hunter226

    hunter226 Unblooded

    I like this form of the head. Wrinkles looking great!
  12. Preds

    Preds Hunter

    very nice. Scar was the coolest Predator Imo. iv been building him for liek 3 years now. every year i upgrade. so far im getting quite epic at it. got hands feet. armor. skin. mask. bio. i just need the backpack now pretty much. i wana damn spear though lol
  13. tusky

    tusky Elite Hunter

    Not a fan of the design "Scar" itself, but really enjoying the detail and structure you have going on there.
    Very nice :)
  14. bodiee

    bodiee Hunter

    Any updates on this?

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