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Discussion in 'Predator Anatomy (Costumes)' started by Stephen Bryant, May 24, 2005.

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  1. I own the original Ram head used in Predator 2. I have access to a ggod repro but does anyone know who owns the original screen used one as I would like to tempt them to sell it to me if that possible.

  2. Predatweaker

    Predatweaker Guest

    So you own the one USED in Predator 2/(screen used,same thing) as you stated. But you want the original one used in the movie. Thats like saying, I bought a car from Ford, I have a car from the Ford lot. But I want to buy a car from Ford's lot can any one tell me where a Ford dealer is so I can buy the car I already have, wait, I can't do that, I already own it.
  3. dude u jumped to the gun i think he means he owns the undermask or the foam head that was used in the movie... foam latex watever... BUT he wants the original BIO to match...

    steve am i correct ???
  4. Predatweaker

    Predatweaker Guest

    I didn't jump the gun I'm having fun. ALL IN F U N
  5. predatom

    predatom Guest

    I thought the same thing myself.
  6. Bathunter

    Bathunter Guest

    Me too...DOH!!
  7. drgnfyre4

    drgnfyre4 Guest

    Pretty much what I thought too...curious as to which and or what it is.
  8. sorry guys should have been clearer - typed too quick and did not read it back to myself......

    I am looking for the original Bio, there are many repros out there but they must have come from somewhere - anyone?

    I have a perfect main Predator casting but so does everyone!

    I bid on the Boar but with taxes and commissions would have been close to $6k but was not the helmet that goes with my mask..

    I would pay a lot if I could find the original Ram head as long as it had provenance.

    Keep your eyes peeled....

  9. Predatweaker

    Predatweaker Guest

    I'm sorry I don't mean to be difficult, but your first post says you own the Ram, now your saying your still looking for it. You tried to buy the boar, to much.. But you now want the Ram which you already stated that you owned.

    If jane has two apples and gives 6 to john and he eats 8 & 3/4 of them while traveling to Dragon Con at 75 mph...............
  10. Evlash3

    Evlash3 Guest

    lol tweaker you tweaker!! lol!
  11. I thought that this was a serious board - obviously not!
  12. kithunter

    kithunter Guest

    Stephen The original "ram" bio showed up about 6 months ago on ebay out of no where.
    The person selling it never gave information on where it came from. the last time it was seen was in the SW studio and the set of P2. it was "lost" after that

    here is the studio shot.

    here is the one that first came out on ebay

    as you can tell the bio that came out on ebay is an exact pull from the original. it has the same markings and battle damage.

    shame all of the suits wound up in the garbage

    the Source of the ram bio is unknown
  13. Predatweaker

    Predatweaker Guest

    Very serious.. sometimes too much. You'll see, then you will appreciate occasional humor
  14. PredatoRob

    PredatoRob Guest

    I think he means he has the Ram-Predator "undermask", and he's looking for a Ram Helmet. Am I right or wrong?

    However if you're looking for the original screen-used helmet, you're probably S.O.L. there... but who knows. There's probably some dumpster-diver out there that might have it, but he's probably afraid to let people know he has it. Stranger things have happened- i.e. the Boar Helmet turning up on a UK prop auction site. Keep your fingers crossed I say.
  15. Correct I have the original undermask and dreads and would love to find that damn helmet. I missed that one on ebay but if anyone has any info that may help then please drop me a line. My head/undermask was stored for all of these years by someone who got it straight from the set (i.e. stolen)and I since bought it from Screen Used.

    The Bio will probably surface as some point and hopefully I will spot it.

    I was offered a complete suit about seven years ago and I think it was one of the Lost Hunters - he wanted $10k which I balked at at the time but it would be a bargain at that price now. It was totally complete if I remember incl a shoulder cannon. That is one I regret but I was not so into collecting back then.

  16. Predatweaker

    Predatweaker Guest

    So show us some pics of that original beauty!!!
  17. Ice1010

    Ice1010 Guest

    Yes!! yes!! pics, pics....
  18. predatom

    predatom Guest

    Actually he did give info on where it came from.

    I spotted the first one (before Recasts) he put on E-bay. And with the help from Larry Kidd and his Awesome archive of photos. I identified it to be a cast from the original.

    As the story goes ...
    He said he had a freind that worked for ICONS. They had the original and were planning on doing them sometime after P2 came out. Then scrapped the plan of doing them. Which as we know they sometimes do. I don't think he has the original. But He probably knows who does. But, again, some people say "my freind" when it's actually them.

    I might be able to find out his info.

    I do remember his name was Adrian

    A few members ordered one right after me from him. Maybe one of them still has his address. I actually had his Phone # too. But after I changed ISP's and PC's a while back, I lost a lot of info in the change
  19. kithunter

    kithunter Guest

    thanks tom,

    See, i'm not a know-it-all. I don't know everything...
  20. Thans for the info Predatom

    I would really appreciate it if you could find out his name. A really good first generation copy would suffice if I could not get the original.

    Will post some pics when I work out how


  21. gk asylum

    gk asylum Guest

    Roman Gutinger has an original suit
    but it looks shot. It has no armor
    and is pretty beat up.
    I can't identify which one it is.
    He claims that the head on it is original.HA HA HA!
    He would probably sell it for $10,000 to 15,000.
    It's worth about $50
  22. Bathunter

    Bathunter Guest

    Damn that's Fugly!
  23. Ice1010

    Ice1010 Guest

    What tha.... Looks like it's the 2nd one in the picture or the last one in line. $10,000 I think hes asking too too too toooo much.....

    I dont think that suit can be restored....

    Gotz any more pictures of the suit or mask Larry...
  24. predatom

    predatom Guest

    Stephen what's your E-mail?
  25. PredatoRob

    PredatoRob Guest

    GAH!! Looks like someone tried to repaint it... the silver on the shoulder armor looks a bit too new to me. Although if that silver is original it could possibly be one of the 2 Boar-Helmeted Predators.

    What Im also wondering is that if it was a screen used suit(headpiece excluded)... why is it laying on the floor of his basement? Hehehe.
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