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    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    I dont know if someone have this, but probably yes.
    Anyway ive founded this usefull stuff. It would be good to get them and maybe copy them, cuz one never know when they would be out of stock.

    Predator Cannon Servo Controller Board
    The servo board will allow you to motorize a shoulder cannon or other attachment using a standard off-the-shelf servo*.
    The servo board comes standard with 2 pushbuttons: one for commanding the servo to go up, and one for commanding the servo to move down.
    If you want to give your shoulder cannon true 3-D movement, you can use two of these servo board to control 2 separate servo motors.

    Here is link for servos:

    If someone dont want to create his own sound system for predator or alien real time sound effects, here is solution

    Customized Sound Board
    We can also customize and program the sound board to fit your needs. Extra costs may be involved. Any standard wav file (up to 16sec worth!) can be recorded onto the sound chip which suits your prop.

    here is link:

    Good luck warriors, if someone would order this, it would be good to make some plans, so later we could make copys if that company would have that stuff out of stock
  2. carlart

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    The guy who runs Hyperdyne Labs reads this forum. :rolleyes:
    Do you feel the same about copying items bought from folks around here?
    Where do these people come from?

    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    AND WITH COPYING THOSE STUFF i ment to make exact replica just for personal using, not FOR SELLING< thats not a crime.
    So thank you that u have draged my down instantly with sentence from where this peopels are coming from...
    It was ment that those electronic devices would be like inspiration, just like some predator suits for other costume creators.

    Iam normal person iam not stealer or cheater
  4. fantazar

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    That's pretty much a comment I'd expect to come from a recaster :rolleyes:
    And I sure as hell wouldn't do it to anyone here, especially without asking their permission first

    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    OMG u think iam recaster?
    Man i even dont know how to cast, ive never casted anything!
    i have 20 yeears and iam into movies and martial arts, i just wanted to let all u know that ive founded usefull electronic stuff for predator, and most of them are out of stock, so i wanted to create something that would be based on same system, thats not a crime goddamnit.
    I cant use like idea some predator concept or so? if not i would ask for perrmision.
    Please try to understand that iam verry new in this stuff and iam big predator maniac, also iam under something like predator costume codex or how to say it.
    I wouldnt never want to make anything negative or bad to all predator fans and warriors with recasting, copying or whatsoever.

    So again , iam not recaster, copyer anything, if u dont trust me then dont, i would proof it later when my movie would rise.

  6. carlart

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    Fair enough.
  7. Faken

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    Guys, I think he's just referring us to that site to get ideas for making our own animatronic stuff... his english isn't very good so he's having a hard time saying what he means in a clear manner... No need to jump on him out the gate with the recaster treatment.
  8. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    Ok i got say this, 1 i think he meant this with good intentions ( well hope )

    AND 2.

    dude are you BORAT?

    high five...NiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicE

  9. rastapred

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    WOW, this thread is going well


    Alot of members here make some awesome props. From time to time their stuff gets recasted and it pisses them off. In my opinion they have a right to be, but its the gamble taken when they make and sell their props. They tend to be leary of people who come here to steal and you cant blame them

    I realise that you were just trying to help, but when one of your first posts suggests taken something that someone else has created, making copies of it even for personal use is bad very very bad. Unless you already have the talent to make the costume yourself its either going to take awhile to make some friends here and learn, or its going to take alot of money to purchase one.

    I also understand that being from another country makes it even more difficult, but there is alot of good info to be read on this forum all you have to do is make the effort and read them. if there is something you dont understand in one of the threads, ask because there is alway someone who is willing to help.


    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    Guys, really thanks for ur help, now i know how it all goes in here, and yes now i understand that RECASTING is stealing of MORAL FORTUNE, if u understand me.
    I understand fully that when someone take hard work and time that means money to create something what is hidden in his nature, like predator for example, then he would be pretty pissed off when someone copy, recasting his hard work.
    Again big sorry for my foolish topic, but i just wanted to help, now i understand why guys acted like they acted.
    Thanks for informations and iam looking forward to enrich this site with my projects, draws, ideas, and so on.

    Hail to Hunt Warriors!
  11. kriker

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    ... HOW DO YOU EVEN RECAST! lol ^^ If you bought a bio and lay the plaster or whatever over it then the bio would get destroyed right? then they fill it with latex and break the plaster.. so they get one mask again? I don't see the logic lmao ^^

    Mostly members of this site will sell on ebay but when selling items that they are particulally proud of they sell to someone they know off the forum right? to avoid these situations from risiing = ]
  12. Macguyver

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    Dan's right on this one. Looks like just a big misunderstanding from the language barrier. I give HELL_WARRIOR a lot of respect for defending his meant intentions as he did. It also sounds to me that he might looking for help on finding out what kind of electrical parts & other similar components one might get individually & use these materials to build their very own version. Of coarse, this may likely end up looking very similar to another's device that's already been created. But please remember, most things usually find a way of becoming better by sharing knowedge of current methods, ideas & concepts. Isn't that one of the best & main purposes of a worldwide forum network?

    Anyway, WE'VE ALL COPIED A DESIGN...think about it, no one here (that I'm aware of) originally came up w/ the Predator idea! Although it did have a massive appeal on all of us, inspiring us to build our very own Predator costumes & other wierd stuff. Essentially, if we hadn't copied in some way, shape or form, from another's creation, this forum site & all others like it...wouldn't exist due to copyright infringement & likeness rights. We're all incredibly fortunate to have THE LAIR & even more so, for all its MEMBERS & THEIR OUTSTANDING TALENT & CREATIVITY! Let's all continue to help all other like-minded people by sharing w/ them our own experiences, tips, hints & most importantly, IDEAS. The Lair's one of the greatest places I've ever found to boast such a wide array of a talented collective consciousness. This is my "Cheers" place! It's where we all meet up for knowledge & helpful "HOW TO'S" & "HOW NOT TO'S", but never to get any "HOW DARE YOU'S".
    Let me also be clear on the Recaster issue, I DO agree wholly w/ the ideal that recasters should stay the fuck away from here. Although, lets be sure to give all new members the benefit of doubt when they ask anything. This is the first forum I'd ever joined & I wasn't totally clear on what the member politics were like, even though I always live life w/ respectful intentions. Whenever a possible recaster might be in question, first clarify it's not just some type of misunderstanding. But if anyone in question does actually turn out to be a Recaster w/ malicous intentions against anothers work, it'll just create a great opportunity for any number of the other 500+ members here to do EXACTLY WHAT ALL PREDATORS LOVE TO DO BEST...& LET THE HUNT BEGIN!!! :eek: If anyone ever deserves for a "hunt" called upon 'em, this is the last groups of people all over the world I'd EVER want after my ass! Just look how many here who also have extensive collections of firearms & other weapons!!!

    Ok...done ranting now...I promise.


    I've too, have ALWAYS wanted to add the predator's "clicking" sound-effect to my costume. Although, due to my financial limitations, I cannot justify spending the $150+ pricetag for Hyperdine's Audio Module. PLEASE don't get me wrong on this...if I had that kind of cash to drop on it, I would buy it in a second. But since I don't have that amount of cash available, that's when I start brainstorming w/ anyone who might help to find a cheaper method/device to get the desired sound effect.

    I've come up w/ two possible cheaper ways of achieving the Predator audio/sound effect by using the good old "MacGuyver" style tactics that I love to use!

    1. Get a small, cheap digital voice recorder. This type of product keeps getting smaller & cheaper everyday, I got one that records 2 hrs of sound from a Target dept store clearance shelf for less than $10. Its playback volume is adjustible & gets pretty loud at max volume, which would work great for use in a crowd type situation.

    2. RadioShack has a very tiny Recordable Audio Module for about $10. This is likely the cheapest & best idea I've had for getting the audio effect into a costume or helmet. Since this is as basic of an audio unit needed, all install & modifications are left up 2 U. You can also solder a remote play switch between R3 and the Neg side of the C1.

    CLICK HERE for the RadioShack Brand "9V RECORDING MODULE"

    The hardest part I've run into is finding a crystal-clear quality audio clip of the Predator's "clicking" sound. I CAN'T FIND ONE W/O ANY BACKGROUND NOISE WHATSOEVER (from the movies)! This is where Hyperdine's unit appears to have a huge advantage.
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  13. kriker

    kriker Hunter

    hmm... I know a few sites =P

    I'll get back to you on the predator sound effects ^^ I've also thought about speakers in a costume so if this method is proven to work prepare to be bombarded by love mails ^^

    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    WHOA MAN!!!
    Thanks alot, finally someone who understands me, and understand what i was trying to write.
    Iam trying to write my topics best as i can but it is my verry first time that iam really active in forum of this kind
    I was never like u before posting on forums.

    So basicaly as u sayed, whole concept of predator in this forum is copying, its because, predator was maded by Stan Winston and his team.
    We are recreating predator according to our imaginations and ideas. But its still same original Predator that was before maded by Stan.
    All i can say to this.

    Now that sound system, it really isnt bad idea i think.
    About crystal clear sound effects, i would try to find few that i have and i would post them in here if i would be able.
    And i suggest u my friend, to find crystal clear sound files of Lion or tiger, put them into audio editor program, and this part would be little tricky, but if you would be patient, u could get really similiar sound effects like predator have.
    I would try to do it and post them in here.
    Good luck!

    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    Here i have some mp3 predator sound effects.
    They are pretty clear i think, no background noises, they are not dragged from movie.
    Enjoy, hope u like it

    Attached Files:


    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    Ok, ive maded few predator sounds by myself, ive edited some animal sound effects.
    Bad thing is that they was not in really good quality.
    My plan is to buy cd loaded with animal sound effects in high quality, then i could mix them perfectly and edit to get predator style sound.

    Here is what i got.
    If u have time u can edit this files to get predator sound that u would like.

    Attached Files:

  17. kriker

    kriker Hunter

    lol you got the sound effects from "AVP 2" right?

    lol thought I recognized em... I found some myself .. These aint official they're fan made but they are pretty good ^^

    Attached Files:

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    HELL WARRIOR Unblooded

    HEHE, ive exported those wav files from alien vs predator gold game.
    Those in next topic are my own creations maded from animal sounds like tiger, lion, jaguar:)
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  19. predmatt

    predmatt Unblooded

    hi all. has anyone got any other pred clicking sounds?

  20. MothMonty

    MothMonty Hunter

    The pred sounds are pretty cool, I was fooling around with my Vx400 digitech hoping to get some good sounds. Nothing yet, but I'll keep trying.
  21. Cailieg

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    Absolutely none of the audio links are working for me and I need to grab a batch of sound files to get to Erv who is making my custom soundboard. All hail Erv Plecter the mighty Frenchman of sound.....
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  22. Scythe

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    I swear I read somewhere that the clicking 'grererer' (?) is a modified woodpecker noise...correct me if I'm wrong
  23. ONE END

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    WOW! I just came across this and it's the second one today that I've read that the same people don't open there eye's and mind before they open there mouth's/typing fingers... God dam I'm now understanding why so many people on here are no longer here and went to other lair's/forums.

    It makes me laugh and shake my head in shame to be a part of this forum when !EVERYONE! is copying and stealing ideas that weren't there's to begin with You see when you make something custom your not stealing an idea but when you make something "Accurized" your stealing someone else's idea so your actually in all definitions re-casting... OOP's!
  24. SterlingMedal

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    I concure with ONE END.
    Tons of people on here do steal other's ideas.
  25. pommes

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    thanks for the sounds

    BUt have anyone the sounds of the fire predator weapons?

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