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  1. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    How come no one invented proper yautja names? If you have any names, share 'em. Don't say stuff like Scar, Wolf, Chopper, or Celtic, cause that's their human given names. Do they have native americanish names like Light Stepper and Swiftspear, or really exotic ones? Let us all know what you think.
  2. skapunkninja

    skapunkninja Hunter

    my pred is called Percy...
    our whole clan has silly names beggining with P
  3. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    Which clan are you in?
  4. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Veteran Hunter

    I would say my screen name 'Guan-thwei" which means "Night Blood" and my Pred is from the Shadow Clan.
  5. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    I'm Spearaizer (still deciding last name) of Clan Scar. I am a blooded warrior.
  6. Drayne

    Drayne Hunter

    I'm smelling roleplaying thread on the horizon! :p

    My take on it all:
    As for names, I guess each pred belong to a "house" or clan. Untill they do, they do not have any right to take a title/name. They have to be blooded in combat, succeed in a trial of blood or specialised hunt. By the amount of trophies each hunter is recognized by his clansmen. Therefore, Yautja who have not yet earned their mark, are clan-less. They roam free and might band up into small hunting-parties who do not follow the normal game-rules set by the clan elders.

    I read there was a book, where the preds are named Hiss, the writer invented a language for the preds. I have no knowledge about this, but it would certainly give an insight in predator names. Predators/Yautja/Hiss Hunters are after all, the only aspect of their species whe've seen! We can only speculate if they have other aspects such as farming, military, science development ect.

    My idea has always been, that Predators are given birth to in a way, much like we see in 300. Spartan, cold, harsh and direct. Thrown to the rough environment and given no quarter. The female predators who also hunt, are regarded as queens, because they bear the future of a warrior race, born in pride, strength and fire. Only the strongest survive and when those few out of many come home, they are only allowed VERY limited wargear. Not recognised by their parental guardians, untill they can hunt and show themselves equal in strenght.

    Technically, Preds can imitate our voice and words - but they have their own language, aside from the grunts, growls, clicks and nods. Hell - maybe they're telepathic!? And as a result, it will be utter futile to try and guess at their names. We can only mimic it.

    But if we WERE to write the names down, in human language, I'd say they'd resemble short, gutteral burts of sound: Kh'laz, Guharak, Zh'bat, Ahzhi and such. Clan names could then be more dramatic, either a title, recognising the elders vision or the speciality of the clan.

    Mh'az the Unfavored, Sci'zi Redblade, Ourgha of Clan Tzuhrak

    My two cent :rolleyes:

    God- I should write more about preds...
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  7. YautjaSlayer

    YautjaSlayer Hunter

    Now I understand why you asked me if my pred was a badblood
  8. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Elite Hunter

    I heard Lee calls his...Fluffybumblenuts........thats awesome. :rolleyes:
  9. hehehee!! only when he sports the pink feather duster! :p
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  10. Ei luj

    Ei luj Elite Hunter


    ..."pink feather duster"

    You beat me to it, darnit! :p

    back to the topic,

    My character's clan/family name is Bak'ub, Straight Spear; "spear" is the way some pronounce my real-life last name.

    (Bak'ub may be from the AVP novels or comic adaptations, I forget where I saw it.)

    First name is Ei'luj, which is my first name that has been Pred-ized & mirror-imaged.

    Occupation: Arbitrator, goes after Bad Bloods & brings 'em to justice.

  11. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    First of all, it's Hish not Hiss. Second of all. . . HOT DAMN! You've got a very good imagination! :p Ever thought about writing a book or something? I'm pissed of 'cause no one really knows much about yautja. It's like everyone has different versions. Write a fuckin' book or at least start writing your stories on here.
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  12. Drayne

    Drayne Hunter

    Hish - sorry 'bout that :p

    Thanks - we've all got good ideas, its just not always we get it written down on paper :rolleyes:

    I sure will - just gotta find the fiction section XD
  13. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    Honestly, I wish I had an imagination like yours.
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  14. Akisha

    Akisha Hunter

    Mine is

    (for the proper way)

    A'kisha meaning :Little Demon Eyes (thanks for that part Deepcrush ^^)

    she's from the Galaxy Clan =P
  15. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    Here's a couple of Bad Bloods for ya. Challenge.jpg



  16. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    Are you also gonna write a story?
  17. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    OOOH, wait, you already are aren't you?
  18. Akisha

    Akisha Hunter

    hehehe yeah I have been =D Even a few months before I joined the Lair ^_~
  19. Spearaizer

    Spearaizer Hunter

    Where can I find the stories? Are they on here?
  20. Whats next, Hunters Lair Dungeons & Dragons tourneys....??
  21. YautjaSlayer

    YautjaSlayer Hunter

    what a brilliant idea :rolleyes:
  22. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Elder Predator

    My name in Yautja is Ghey'Ihn'Mai'Ahz


    I won't acknowledge the word "Yautja" or any other retarded "name" for the PRedator other than Wolf, Scar, Chopper, or any other human term we give them. Yautja...what a fucking retarded word...whoever made it up should be shot!
  23. Garo

    Garo Elite Hunter

    My Predator name is Nai'luj Wag'laman "Swiping Bear Claw" Elder of Clan Garo.... I might try to see if I can custom my elder a little bit and go with my purple pred...baadass!! Clan has been rumored to be bad bloods but has not been confirmed.
  24. YautjaSlayer

    YautjaSlayer Hunter

    why? :rolleyes:
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  25. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Elite Hunter

    I never really liked that word either....."Yautja". Just dosent flow to me. Its like a cough/dry heave/burb all rolled into one sound.

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