Predator Clicking Noise

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    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

  2. bodiee

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    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

    Dude who cares. What if someone wants to do it with their voice???
  4. Garo

    Garo Elite Hunter

    Ya pretty good idea but most people kinda just use voice changer thing they always sell during Halloween it works quite well.

    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

    Voice changer?? Why the hell would you need one of those? Predators don't speak english?
  6. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Hunter

    What does English have anything to do with changing your voice?

    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

    Why would you want to change your voice if your not gonna say anything??
  8. bodiee

    bodiee Hunter

    no its a great thing to use your voice i was just throwing it out there since 99% of the us population owns a ipod. we're all friends here, no need to be so agressive. :( the ipod with the sounds clips is just more realistic imo.cudos to anyone who can make the noise themselves.

    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

    Agressive? Who's being agressive?
  10. hez

    hez Elite Hunter

    You are being aggressive. I've noticed in your posts that if you don't get the responses that you want, you respond with something caustic (e.g. dude, who cares?) and try to put down other peoples suggestions. If you want to do things your way, cool. However I think you'll find that if you continue interacting with people as you do currently, pretty soon what will happen is that people will simply stop responding to you. Chill out, accept that you may not actually be right all the time, and that other people will have their own ideas that they will not hesitate to share in your threads. This is, after all, a discussion forum.
  11. panik33

    panik33 Hunter

    yeah i noticed that he is very agressive you have been im pretty much every post he's ever done
    if im right he started off a big argument on the last thread he made
    im sure he's a perfectly nice guy but not in your posts with things like

    Dude who cares. What if someone wants to do it with their voice???
    Voice changer?? Why the hell would you need one of those?
    Agressive? Who's being agressive?

    they are agressive mate just calm it down a bit if somebody wants to change there voice because they might have a more higher pitched voice and wouldnt suit a predators clicking or growling a voice changer would bring it down
    and predator does say things for example
    MotherF%&ker and want some candy?

    just my peice

    xXPL4YFTWXxMLM Unblooded

    Want some candy? Haha oh ya I remember that!
  13. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Hunter

    and to get back to the point playftw... having a voice changer will allow someone to make noises that aren't human sounding. If someone can do the clicking sound or do a decent growl... a voicechanger could possibly aid in the "not from this world" effect.
  14. MEANGENE83

    MEANGENE83 Elite Hunter

    This thread is just pure comedy! Great read!
  15. newpred

    newpred Hunter

    yea hes still unblooded if thats his youtube tut he linked. I like the click to be from my own voice also but since its hard to do it loud im still looking for a way to amplify it
  16. cacador

    cacador Hunter

    Not bad but you can still hear you breathing. I swear I will have a video posted on this in the near future as I am still waiting for internet to get set up in my place since I just moved in.
  17. cacador

    cacador Hunter

    Hey gang, got to make the video of the me doing the clicking noises. I kinda messed 'em up but you can hear it still. I'll make more when I'm not so tired, lol. Below is the me and then the actual predator clicking noise for comparison.

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