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    I know some don't like to hear a backstory or go into detail of the Predator world because it may give more of "the mystery that surrounds them" away...

    My version is somewhat based a scripture from the bible about how Satan became to be...upon Lucifer "the light bearer" wanting to be greater then god [something along those lines]. Something like "Exorcist: The Beginning" too].

    Berzerker....a predator that was a prodigy....a prodigy that became an outcast...

    He was exceptional in hunting and tracking, his abilities were unquestionable. The more he hunted, the bigger the trophy he wanted. Nothing would cure his him, he believed that honor wasn't in the hunt...but it was in the kill. If you could prolong the hunt and capture your kill, more honor would be bestowed upon you. With every hunt, he wanted to be bigger...better. This drove him to perform experiments on himself in order to become the "ultimate hunter".

    But with every hunt he was on, his tactics were questionable. Although questionable to the clan, he was looked upon greatly by a few...The Flusher and Falconer--two predators that gained a belief and followed the Berzerkers in his ways.

    The Berzerkers hunting fashion was deemed un-honorable and was brought before the "Council of the Elders" to decide his fate. For his un-honorable huntings--he was banned from hunting. His un-honorable hunts and medical experiments on himself has cost him the ability to hunt. He was outraged...stating "how could they ban the ability to hunt to me!". His banishment filled him with anger-with pure hate for the Elders and his clan. His proteges, Flusher and Falconer, were loyal and viewed the Berzerker as the true leader of the a "new coming of an age of elite hunters".

    The three predators became defiant towards the clan...and towards its elders. They believed that they were destiny in true form...they believed this to an extent that they wanted to gain control of the clan; that it was their destiny to lead the clan. With this, they took their revenge against the elders and attempted to take leadership of the clan. In the battle for the clan, the three predators took the head of the elder that sentenced Berzerkers prior fate.

    The three predators fled upon a stolen ship. To form a new clan...with Berzerker as its leader...

    From here I guess I could go into detail concerning the "P1S being chained to the large rock thing" stating he was from Berzerker's old clan, sent to bring him back as a trophy...
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    Right on and good imagination. I enjoyed reading this. You got my imagination running wild right now
  3. cool backstory mate right on the money there you should of made the prequel comic for the movie XD
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    I like it. Will an artist please take this concept and do it up as a comic. K thanks.

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