For Sale Molds and other things (Clearing out)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Wreav, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Hi there members of the Predatorium forum.
    So I'm clearing out a majority of my molds.
    First and foremost. Let's begin with what items I have
    Iwata Eclipse Air Brush - $70 + shipping
    Predator Bandoleer Skull molds Set of 4 molds and 1 jaw mold $300 they are featured on the Scott Marshall Predator Bust. He picked them up from me.
    Skull mold $150 + shipping
    Mandible Necklace mold $100 + shipping
    Grey Bio Mask mold $250 + shipping
    Elder Blade Handle Mold $150 + shipping
    Baby Dinosaur Mold $450 + shipping
    Turkey skull $22 + shipping
    Fox Skull x2 $38 + shipping
    Turtle Skulls (Raw) x1 $12 + shipping
    Predator 1 shoulder Bell (foam cast/ can be molded) $35 + shipping
    T Rex Skull $28
    Larger T Rex Skull $34
    Small diplodocus skull $20
    Predator Plaque Mold $150
    Cat skull $10




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  2. Jmen

    Jmen Elite Hunter

    Iwata Eclipse Air Brush?
    My man, are you ok? o__O
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  3. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    I'm originally left handed at this very time and moment I can barely move it without feeling huge amounts of paint. I did a time lapse on facebook (giveaway bio mask) it took me 4 hours to do because I had to leave the room just to put my hand inside multiple ice packs. A majority of what I do now is by using my right hand which is the weaker of the two. My surgery was cancelled on the 31st as i was too ill to go into surgery. It's been a month now.. and they haven't booked me for another one... at this rate I won't be able to cast as much as i use to so i'm putting up a majority of my things. I mean I can't remember the last time I casted up a bust... its been months and months.
  4. Jmen

    Jmen Elite Hunter

    I will not press like for this...
    Stick it! its gonna be ok!
    I want one more eclipse for 70$, but i am too far away. shipping to my country is an expensive problem.:(
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  5. OldPredVA

    OldPredVA Hunter

    Damn Wreav hope everything works out for you my friend.
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  6. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    I have my operation confirmed for the 15th of March if anyone wants these molds please feel free to message me as I want someone else to benefit from them and to earn some money along the way. These molds are made so that you can either complete/start a project or to do them as commissions and so on. Nonetheless, they have served me well I hope that it could serve others well too.

    Thank you. They are all still readily available.
  7. Isubomo

    Isubomo Elite Hunter

    Bro, you're in our thoughts, everything will be alright bro! :D All the best man, cheers!
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  8. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff


    PS: Thanks Nuts! :)
  9. Joss

    Joss Unblooded

    Hi, im looking for a Predator head for a costume... where i can find... Im from Perú T_T
  10. MAULER666

    MAULER666 Unblooded

    Damn man sorry to hear that a young man like you having to deal with that pain. I hope they crack on with that surgery right smart and get you up and running full tilt again eh, all the best bud \m/
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