Ice - WIP Helmets & Finished Bio Helmets

Discussion in 'Predator Armory (Props)' started by Ice, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Ice

    Ice Elite Hunter

    All Helmets can now be seen in my gallery.


    Here are two bios that are close to being done. These pictures are Not recent, maybe a week old. Today I'm doing the finishing touches on the Wasp and the Sub-Zero Bio, I have a base coat sitting and its awaiting for the paint I ordered for the bio. The Sub-Zero bio is a custom I came up with and its one of a kind. I have another Custom I'm going to be starting after this ones done for Chocoboy. Here are two teaser Pics.



    More pics to come this week. Hoping to have these done maybe in a week.


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    pm me about the bios .............nice


  3. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Veteran Hunter

    I'm totally digging the Subzero Bio and I just happen to be a huge Mortal Kombat fan I don't know if that was your inspiration for the sculpt, but very well done

  4. pill baxton

    pill baxton Hunter

    i really like the grating and tubing on the sub-zero mask,good work!
  5. hez

    hez Elite Hunter

    They both look pretty sick Ice, great work man.
  6. Loving the look of the Sub-Zero bio so far. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the paint job on it.

  7. carlart

    carlart Elite Hunter

    Nice Job, Jeff! Lovin' the Sub Zero one myself. Are you planning to back up the mesh with a substrate? A bio wouldn't be a bio if it let the air in.
  8. Blasturbator

    Blasturbator Hunter

    Sub-zero ftw.... I wanna see it with the paint job i bet it will look awesome
  9. NEMES1S

    NEMES1S Hunter

    Wow that yellow is intense!! Nice job.
  10. xdmray

    xdmray Veteran Hunter

    seriously Ice, you do some of the best paintups on here. the Sub zero mods look great.
  11. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Veteran Hunter

    Mighty fine work Jeff. Think we're all extremely interested in the sub zero paint up. Cant wait
  12. Uratz

    Uratz Elite Hunter

    Yup Sub Zero Rocks! Paint it up already.
  13. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    loving the look of both so far, different yet still totally predator
  14. kwalsh000

    kwalsh000 Hunter

    Great work man. The grating effect really suits, any pred wud be proud to have them!
  15. kithunter

    kithunter Veteran Hunter

    Yes and Yes.....I'll take them both.....The bios look really sweet.

    nice job ice,. i like the fact that you kept them looking hunter like
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  16. Aquis Hydro

    Aquis Hydro Young Blood

    I particularly like the Sub-Zero as it something different. Kinda reminds me of the Jason Vorhees hockey mask a bit.

    Though I do agree with Carl, you could put something behind the mesh perhaps
  17. Ice

    Ice Elite Hunter

    Thank for all the compliments.

    The mesh, I'M adding another type of mesh on the inside of the bio.
    I have a few types of mesh here I might use, dont know which one just yet.
  18. detale78

    detale78 Hunter

    Wow Jeff those look fantastic!!! Amazing work on the Wasp hope to see more pictures soon.
  19. azurepred

    azurepred Hunter

    both look great so far
  20. T800

    T800 Hunter

    Sub zero!!!! Coincidently sub zero's original Fatality is where he rips his opponents spine and skull out =) Just like our dreaded friends.
    Awsome work =D
  21. Guan Ki itspa

    Guan Ki itspa Unblooded

    Awesome job Ice. The yellow on the wasp is very cool and I love the sub-zero style.
  22. crawjaw

    crawjaw Hunter

    I seem to agree with most here that sub-zero is the favourite. Mind you, the other isn't to shabby either.
    Like your style.
  23. celtpred

    celtpred Hunter

    Hey Ice, killer work there mate they both look excelent but sub-zero is the one that I can wait to see finished and as for the mesh when the head is behind it will look outstanding showing some of the jaw. Again great work and keep the pics coming.
  24. Ice

    Ice Elite Hunter

    The paint job on the Wasp is done. All it needs now if for me to seal the paint job and add the Lens, LEDS, And the hanging wire on the back. I'm very happy with the turn out. I surprise my self every time with these paint jobs. I'm now just working on the Sub-zero helmet, not to long tell I'm finished with it. I will have finished pictures of the Wasp In a few days...







  25. detale78

    detale78 Hunter

    Incredible work really love what you did with this piece. Can't wait to see it a finished.






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