How to repair latex mask ?

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  1. justice

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    May i just say this is the greatest forum i ever been on and the greatest people willing to help by far.A month ago i bought my first mask( hope picture link works ) and i was so excited getting it from this forum . However being a newbie i didnt know what i was getting . The mask had small swiss cheese hole inside and some all over the mask as well as the mangibles where see thru . So i got some latex rd-407 from monster makers i applied some on it and it didnt stick . I heared about getting some liguid citrus acid and i applied with brush then waited to dry then i applied latex with brush on damaged area. No dice!!
    I must say im embarresed to even post this since im new and to show my first mask like this. However, in a few sec i had a smelly ball of latex on my living room table lol.
    Nothing was on mask . I must be the worst ever to repair latex in its history of latex . Im getting a better mask now so its worth the extra money for a quality mask .
    What am i doing wrong ? Thanks for any advice ahead of time and appreciate any help on this subject. (sorry for the small pics)


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  2. Marcel

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    IM no expert but have you washed it to get off the mold release, they put on to help it release from the mold, I had a problem with a prop once and the paint wouldnt stick and this was down to the mold release mate?
  3. justice

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    Thanks for the reply,The mask was washed thoroughly with soap and water and was left to dry . Next day i tried to applied Latex and was all stuck on my brush . Does it matter
    what brush you use ? nylon, etc?

  4. twisted one

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    Where you have tears you might want to try this method. Take spray adhesive and cotton. First unroll a few cotton balls, then spray a little spray adhesive on the cotton. Place the patch (cotton and adhesive) to the inside of the mask. Brush latex over the outside of the mask filling the tear. The cotton will give the latex something to adhere to. Good luck with your fix.
    Twisted One
  5. justice

    justice Unblooded

    ok will try it out . Thank you
  6. cujo66

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    I always hear to use mineral spirits to clean latex before you do anything to it.
    I've used liquid electric tape to do some modifiing to a Batman cowl, it adheares pretty good. But the problem is, it's black. I've seen it where guys have used it to close the slit in the back of the mask and had really good results, but again, it's black.
  7. justice

    justice Unblooded

    thanks will look into it !!!


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