How to make moving mandibles, THIS WILL WORK!!!

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  1. 22620rocks

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    Everyone keeps asking "how do i make a grusderk system on my mask?", Grusderk instructions are rare and most of them are in spanish so if you can translate them go ahead and make one. If not i have an easy solution that is not as effective as the grusderk method but is alot easier.

    What you will need: 1. A mask made by yourself
    2. Wire that is not too strong and not too flimsy

    The youtube user r1a2s3 has a video of his working predator mask. When i watched it i noticed how the mask worked.

    Click the pictures for a larger view because you will not see how it works.

    Grusderk system

    r1a2s3's system

    Ok so if you want to know how r1a2s3 makes his mask's mandibles open here it is...

    If you look at the picture closely you can see some lines connected to the mandibles. He has a long wire running from the chin to the mandibles that is bent slightly at the ends of the jaw and is straight in the middle.

    From the side angle

    When the mouth is closed the bottom jaw is up touching the top jaw

    Strap the mask's jaw to your chin. When you open your mouth the bottom jaw opens and gets pulled down and the wire connected to the mandibles pushes them away from the mouth.

    Let me know if this works!!!
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  2. 22620rocks

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    Sorry guys i left out how to make it.

    Ok so make a mask that has the opening jaws but dont worry about moving mandibles because here is where the wire comes in, take the wire and cut enough so that both ends touch the mandibles, then bend the wire about 3 to 4 inches depending on the size of your mask.

    Like this

    Then attach it with latex or really strong glue, or in r1a2s3's case build it into a foam made mask.

    Hope that helps!!!
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  3. ptgreek

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    Actually, that's exactly how the Grusderk jaw works ...only he keeps the strings inside the mask as a self contained unit ..and trust me doesn't work that if this method is less effective, I wouldn't want fishing line or wire showing outside of my mask.
    Guys can contact AlanAlan on the board (asyouw1sh, on the old lair) he makes a remote animatrontic unit that will fit into the mandibles of most open mouth masks. it's not that expensive and a much better replacement for the ill-made Grusderk mask

    heres the youtube link

    working mandible
  4. Garo

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    Does he still sell them?
  5. ptgreek

    ptgreek Veteran Hunter

    Yes ...just chatted with him about a month ago about it
  6. 22620rocks

    22620rocks Unblooded

    The grusderk jaw is a system of pulleys that make the movement look good, this method only requires one single piece of bendable wire. So i can see how it is similar.Thanks for the reply this is my first.
  7. 22620rocks

    22620rocks Unblooded

    How much is it? This was a low cost bypass for that but how much is he selling for?
  8. ptgreek

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    quoted me around $300. May not seem low, but considering Grusderk charges as much as he does for a crappy mask. (and the only selling point is the dysfunctional jaw system) its a good deal. No worries about the first post. Have you tried this way yet? the part I'm having trouble with is the "strap the jaw to your chin" most masks (or sculpts for that matter) are not made where your own natural chin is even remotely close to a mask chin. Also..I would worry that in time the wire would cause rips in the mask if it actually is piercing it.
  9. 22620rocks

    22620rocks Unblooded

    From what r1a2s3 says is that this works great with an upholstery foam homemade mask, i dont know about latex though you might need stronger wire, and also use this method for halloween or a party dont go to the comic con with wire sticking out of your mask reavealing how you move your jaw.

    If you make a mask like his you can put in a strap that connects to your chin and the bottom jaw. I know this is not the best idea but it works.
  10. inmate801

    inmate801 Hunter

    Grusderk emailed me about a month ago, replyin to my emails askin about one of his 'movin mandible masks' to buy. he stated that he is no longer makin these movin masks for a while as he has other projects to take care of! but he did say he would be in touch as soon as he starts up makin them again.
  11. Marvel Zombie

    Marvel Zombie Hunter

    Yea he sent me some emails also. He said he is catching up on current projects and wants to focus on that. Told me to contact him in Jan. about a mask. So I'll wait, I guess till then. I would like to have a Pete Mander AVP or a P1 mask made by Pete if any one has one they would like to sale? They sale them unpainted for $200 on there site Kre8ex. If I purchased theres I would still have to have it painted. If anyone knows of someone that wants to sale theres let me know.
  12. ptgreek

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    No offense guys...but have you searched the recent threads about Grusderk. There is a very specific reason why he isnt selling his masks....they are crap. He is spending time rethinking his approach to mask making. Trust me...and others on this board who have bought inferior masks from your money
  13. totally agree with you! people save your money!the moving jaw system isnt worth the price or hassle if i could afford to buy another mask i would! i have had to spend some serious dosh on improving the mask,better dreads,face quills,repairing splits in the thin latex, re-spraying it at the moment! i have spent a lot of time and dosh on the body and armour to get it to quality that iam happy with.
  14. th3 pr3dat0r

    th3 pr3dat0r Hunter

    well grusderks thing does work but... i think he sells too many masks that didnt come out correctly...
  15. 22620rocks

    22620rocks Unblooded

    I agree.
  16. inmate801

    inmate801 Hunter

    it is a great method & when done well the result does look so much better than a fixed mask!
    you never know gabe might sort it out? *fingers crossed*
    i would only part with my cash, when or if gabe can sort it... or if anyone else comes up wwiith one for that matter?!
  17. swift kinfe

    swift kinfe Hunter

    He should just make a prototype send it to a tester then they can tell him where he fucked up and he can improve.Honestly I am thinking about getting a Pete mander wolf.But really a few years ago before I joined the board I was going to order one of his masks.I thought that the open jaw thing was awesome but the price.......Well I settled on getting a rubies suit and so far my suit is doing well I guess(Armor and might get another bio).But after hearing about Grudserk I was actually shocked I liked his work but it had started to look a tad bit weird as his wolf or AVP dosen't match with the character(Scar,Wolf).Now I would have personally bought from him if I had the cash but wow Grudserk is really fucking up royal.
  18. Predkid

    Predkid Unblooded

    dude in his huntorial he says he uses a clip to make the mouth open and close
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  19. jaded

    jaded Hunter

    Last year I found this method from youtube, i went out and bought several size hair clips and tested it out (put it in my mouth and bit down), i found it very uncomfortable
  20. 22620rocks

    22620rocks Unblooded

    Explain to me how he uses i clip? I didnt know he used one.
  21. Predkid

    Predkid Unblooded

    well he cuts a slit in the top mouth piece and bottom piece and secures the clip probably with glue and when the clip closes the mouth closes so he has to bite on the clip to make it open. he uses a hair clip which is easy to bite. :)
  22. Kelz

    Kelz Hunter

  23. Predkid

    Predkid Unblooded

    well i think he used some foam and attached it to the top and bottom of the hairclip. so that he could bite easily but if he didnt well thats the price you have to pay for the beauty of your work
  24. luke6

    luke6 Unblooded

    can you show me (not sell me) how to make a predator mask because i am not a good mask deziner
  25. th3 pr3dat0r

    th3 pr3dat0r Hunter

    luke use the search thread there are some helpful tutorials.

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