Hot Toys - Predator 2: 1/6Th Scale City Hunter Predator Collectible Figure

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  1. Blade3327

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    Hot Toys - MMS173 - Predator 2: 1/6th scale City Hunter Predator Collectible Figure Specification
    ~Movie Masterpiece Series~

    The 1/6th scale City Hunter Predator Collectible Figure specially features:
    - Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of City Hunter Predator in the movie Predator 2
    - Realistic and accurate 1/6th scale of approximately 14 inches / 35 cm tall
    - Over 22 points of articulations
    - Newly developed head
    - Rubber hair
    - One (1) exchangeable expanded mandible
    - Net on body
    - One (1) interchangeable left cut-off forearm
    - Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
    n One (1) right palm for holding spear
    n One (1) right palm for holding disc
    n One (1) pair of fists
    n One (1) pair of relaxed palms

    - One (1) extendable spear
    - One (1) extendable disc on right thigh

    - One (1) detachable face mask with LED light-up function
    - One (1) detachable oxygen mask
    - One (1) pair of forearm armor with expandable metal blade on right side, and device on left side
    - Armor on shoulder, waist, thighs, knees and legs
    - One (1) trophy skull
    - One (1) detachable medical kit with tools inside
    - Figure stand with City Hunter Predator nameplate and the movie logo

    Release date: Q4 2012

    Artists:- Figure Sculpted by Joseph Tsang
    - Figure Painted by Joseph Tsang

    **Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
    **Battery included for collectible figure, button cells are required
    Predator 2 TM © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
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  2. Andre de Jong

    Andre de Jong Elite Hunter

    I told myself that the HT Classic pred the First & Only HT pred was i will ever buy .

  3. uruk

    uruk Hunter

    hahahahahaha. sorry, HT but neca still kicks your ass... this headsculpt is a joke - no likeness at all.
  4. uruk

    uruk Hunter

  5. uruk

    uruk Hunter

    hahahahahaha. sorry HT, but neca still kicks your ass. this headsculpt is a joke - no likeness at all.
  6. uruk

    uruk Hunter

    damn, what did i do just now... and why can't i delete these posts? sorry Andre, i spammed you in here it seems...
  7. Wolf Predator 1

    Wolf Predator 1 Elite Hunter

    Well i think this is actually a pretty decent likeness, fair play to HT. Not as accurate as Kyles sculpts at NECA but still pretty good.
    I gotta get this. I totally missed out on the old one (thank god I did!)
    Lookin forward to the new Wolf and P1!
  8. Robillicus

    Robillicus Elite Hunter

    Oh what the hell. Oh, that's right... you've caught the attention of a P2 fan, and not in a good way.

    You know what, this is the antithesis of why I'm not real fond of this hobby. "**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different." Yeah, no fucking shit. That basically translates to you're gonna get a shitty paint job done by 12 year olds working in a sweat-fucking-shop.

    First of all, what the fuck is up with the head? Seriously... there's more than enough reference pictures out there of the actual "hero head" from Predator 2. I'm curious to know why the "old" HT P2 was a closer likeness than this? The head looks nothing at all like the Predator from P2. It might as well be it's own thing. What reference are you using? Seriously, scour the internet or look at the Hunters Lair. This resembles neither the stunt or hero mask used. Did you not think we'd notice? Also, what's up with the overly textured helmet? The helmet used in the move did NOT have that much texture on it. It was smooth for the most part. Not riddled with bullshit like the AvP helmets. Quit fucking texturing the helmets.

    Also, my biggest peave, is that your still using the AVP BLADES. What the fucking hell? With the added scale you couldn't do any better than using the same fucking blades I removed from my "old" P2? Seriously, did we not see the same movie?

    In all honesty, I know what you're gonna charge for your 1/6th scale Predator 2. For us normal people, it's going to be a shit ton of money. So, here I will say my part. I bought the NECA P1 and I fucking love it. It has no where near the accessories that the "new" P2 has but you know what? It may be limited in it's joint movement, but it FUCKING LOOKS LIKE THE PREDATOR. The artist took the time to research the creature, and fuck me in the ass.. he came up with an amazing likeness.

    So here is my final say on the new HT P2... you can fucking keep it. You're gonna put a ridiculous price on it. Yeah, because you think everything you do is made of FUCKING GOLD. Well. try again. Your new P2 figure is worse off than the last. You'd think that with a bigger scale there'd be more awesome.. yeah, no. You stuck it with the same AvP blades my old version got. Take the AVP blades and shove them up your ass. I don't want to know what you're gonna charge for these things, but chances are, NECA will beat you.

    I'm sick and tired of people buying this kinda shit because it says "Predator" on it.
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  9. uruk

    uruk Hunter

    now that was an awesome post! couldn't agree more.
  10. zuckuss77

    zuckuss77 Hunter

    Not to start a debate but its not terrible, but yeah the first thing i noticed was the head and it didnt look right.But its still a very cool predator and i think it depends on how much money you have, i dont buy much stuff so i save for the 1/6 line and love them as a whole.The 1/4 p2 from neca is going to look right hands down and for 80 bucks is a win.But i dont do statues or random predator props so i am excited to add a clan member in my tribe of predators.They should have done a better job though, or the shaman or ram would have been better.I think the next predator is going to be a 1/4 p1 so we wont see anything new without a 2013 date on it.
    Not to debate though but yeah it looks like a different predator than the movie in the face , but the mask and the armor is sweet.
  11. Slave1

    Slave1 Hunter

    I'm wanting an accurate 1:4 scale P2. ;)

    It is nice that they added all the little accessories with this one. It comes with a rebreather? Wow.

    I know what you're saying with the helmet, though, and it doesn't make a bit of sense. It's like they completely nail some of the more obscure details, which is awesome, but then the more obviously things like the helmet they just drop the ball. What's up with that? I mean really. How does that happen?
  12. REYALS

    REYALS Veteran Hunter

    Yeah, the BIO does look too beat up doesn't it?
  13. Xenohunter55

    Xenohunter55 Hunter

    the reason why the bio looks weird is due to the head sculpt
  14. BENSIN

    BENSIN Elite Hunter

  15. Slave1

    Slave1 Hunter

    The texturing is the part that's offputting for me.
  16. JehdinThwei

    JehdinThwei Elite Hunter

    Haters :p

    I just ordered mine. :D
  17. REYALS

    REYALS Veteran Hunter


    It's actually a fairly good price. what the Samurai is going to cost people.
  18. BENSIN

    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    It's nice to look at, I don't HATE it, but for that price it should be accurate. I'll just get the NECA for 75 bucks or so.
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  19. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Hunter

    $220 with free domestic shipping.

    Here are my thoughts on the likeness: the closed mandibles are the issue here. Not so much the sculpt but how they are posed (the bottom ones are half-open at a semi-diagonal angle). Everything else looks great. Either way, I'm definitely liking the closed-mouth look on this guy more than on Classic and Shadow.

    Just to clarify some things, the NECA version also had a rough-textured helmet:

    I'd also like to raise the point that NECA's P2 mandibles aren't all that accurate either. They, too, went for a more open look and made the tusks too big. Albeit not as much as HT, but still. It's worth mentioning if anyone wants to bring NECA into this (we knew it would happen at some point).


    In a nutshell, it's so ordered. Anyone who owns (or has owned) the original HT P2 would be hard-pressed not to see the massive improvements on this one. Everything minus the weapons is a brand-new sculpt and the paint apps kick ass.

    I'm not so sure about that. We could very well get another summer exclusive. I'm crossing fingers for Hippie (Shaman).
  20. Armyofhades

    Armyofhades Hunter

    The body is much improved but........ I just dont see the point in coming out with yet another P2 city hunter in 1/6. Hot toys is really just starting to run this line into the ground. I know they are planing on doing a 1/4 scale line of predators but I really dont see the point of reduing all the predators over again in 1/6 scale (because we all know thats coming) pointless if you ask me, just my to cents.

  21. Xenohunter55

    Xenohunter55 Hunter

    the price is the problem I have with it, I know the new bodies cost more to make but Come on HT! I remember buying my wolf at $150 almost 2 years after they released it on Ebay for crying out loud! if they lower the price just by $20 ($200) then I would think of buying it! Its fantastic, dont get me wrong, just saying that I rather get a bio for that cost
  22. hannay07

    hannay07 Elite Hunter

    You know Neca has done fabulous work with the last bunch of preds, but I still want this one. So buying it, dont care! But one thing I will say, the sculpt looks a lot like the shadow to me.
  23. BENSIN

    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    Personally, I was referring to upcoming 'quarter scale' P2 release.

    I'll take the 'quarter scale' P1 repainted by some one like Joe Dunaway over any HT product. Sure, posability is a bit limited, but it doesn't matter because I'm not playing with it anyway. The accuracy is spot on, of course the repaint job is optional.

    I don't have the unmasked version of the 7 inch P2 so I can't comment on it, but the masked one is spot on for P2. Either way, for 220 they should really nail it, the thing about the wrong blades is also really annoying.

    Things like that are make or break for me when it comes to high end stuff, but I look forward to your review of it, they're always so thorough and well spoken. The HD doesn't hurt either.

    NEVER MIND. :(
  24. Andre de Jong

    Andre de Jong Elite Hunter

  25. REYALS

    REYALS Veteran Hunter

    To tell you the truth, it is better this way. Simply for the fact that not all PREDATOR fans had the chance to purchase the first run of PREDATOR related figures and such. My first purchase was the Berserker and I would love to have newer bodies on the ones already released because the ones on the old style look too... "toy-ish".

    Yeah, the prices are higher but so is everything else since then (NECA figures used to be 12-15.00 and now they are 15-25.00). I am not saying that I am going to be able to afford all the ones they release, but with the flex pay option it gives me a little time to get things sold and money saved up. :)

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