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  1. darkenism

    darkenism Guest

    Im planning on using a drawer slide to make my wristblades this year. It has a catch on the end of the rails to hold the blades in the sheathed position...i still need to work out a way to make them pull/pop out.

    Anyone have a blade template that is large enough to print clearly? Also do any of you have tips on what/how i should make my enclosure with?





  2. acerhater

    acerhater Guest

    I think I do at home. I will look later today after I get home.
  3. darkenism

    darkenism Guest

    thanks dude, much appreciated.
  4. acerhater

    acerhater Guest

    sent you a PM.
  5. darkenism

    darkenism Guest

    thanks dude.... and get bud works at a steel yard and might be making me some real blades in exchange for my tattooing expertise...
  6. darkenism

    darkenism Guest

    anyone else have pics of functional gauntlets theyve made? what kind of device could i use to make them shoot out? air pressure? Spring?
  7. BurntKona

    BurntKona Guest

    I remember mention of using a CD drawer mechanism, but don't know if anyone has followed that through to a conclusion.
  8. darkenism

    darkenism Guest

    traced my blade designs on the steel today...i go on vacation tommorow...hopefully theyll be ready when i get back and i can show you all some pics.
  9. TK 414

    TK 414 Guest


    so here are some animatronics for the gauntlets I made in the past.

    Large P1 animatronic:


    DB P1 animatronic:


    AVP animatronic for Ruffkintoy gauntlets:


    Greetings Guido
  10. alphatech686

    alphatech686 Guest

    Hey dude, here's a couple of pics of one I've been playing with. It works great. Has 10 inches of movement.
  11. inkdoctor

    inkdoctor Guest

    i have one of guido's animatronics for db's gauntlets and i can tell you there worth every penny. they are built to last and the quality is awsome. to bad i have to sell my gauntlets to pay bills and make room for my new costume that allready has the gauntlets sculpted into the suit.

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