FREE clay samples *UK/EU*

Discussion in 'Predator Anatomy (Costumes)' started by XRobots, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Wasn't sure to put this one as it's not really a classified ad.

    If anyone would like a free sample of either WED clay or Klean Klay then drop me a PM and I'll get some off to you for free with free postage.

    Check out for more details on both.

    This is open to anyone in the UK or EU.


    Creative Resources Distribution Limited
  2. Renveii

    Renveii Hunter

    Oooh! To anyone in the EU? Completely free of charge?

    Long Tall Sally, she built sweet - she got everything, that Uncle John need. Aw baby, I'm gonna have me some clay!
  3. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Yep totally free, free clay, free postage.
  4. Renveii

    Renveii Hunter

    That's awesome, bro.
  5. TuaCathach

    TuaCathach Elite Hunter

    mate i'd be interested in the samples.. i'm going to be looking at making a sculpt soon...
  6. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Ok, just PM me your address and tell me if you want Klean Klay (I'll send you soft/regular/firm), WED clay, or both.

    It really is totally free - no catches ;-)
  7. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    Real nice of you to offer this, if i didnt have such a big amount of chavant id be in touch over the KLEAN clay, as im quite curios about the grades.

    hope you get some sales out of your offer.

  8. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    I'd be happy to send you some anyway if you want to try it out of curiosity - I can send all of the grades, soft/medium/firm. It's mostly softer than Chavant, so the soft Klean klay is really soft which is good for certain sculpts. PM me your address if you fancy a go.
  9. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    will do thanks.

    i suppose i could hae several different clay boxes for different builds.
  10. Renveii

    Renveii Hunter

    Just wanted to make a post to notify you guys that I got it on the mail today. Way faster shipping than I expected! I thought it was going to take weeks or something. Good amount of clay for being a free sample, too; About 250-260 grams... if my weighing scale works properly.

    Thanks alot, brother.
  11. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Glad it arrived ok Renveii,

    The offer's still open to anyone who wants to try some, just let me know what you'd like and your address.
  12. Skullsplitter

    Skullsplitter Veteran Hunter

    Really awesome of you to send these samples, got them in the mail this Saturday, gonna try them out tonight for making mock-up/maquettes of my custom thigh armor design.
  13. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    Shit sorry, i put a thanks in the FEEDBACK section but forgot to post here.

    chrz buddy
  14. TuaCathach

    TuaCathach Elite Hunter

    mine hasn't arrived yet.. i'll just keep an eye on the post
  15. impaiatu

    impaiatu Hunter

    I'll send you a pm bro!many thankses!
  16. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Hmmm... that one went by air mail, watch out for it, but if it's doesn't arrive we'll try again.
  17. TuaCathach

    TuaCathach Elite Hunter

    i dare say it will arrive tomorrow mate. the postal system over here is a bit backwards at the best of times
  18. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Actually I'm having trouble finding your original PM - did I reply to you?
  19. smasher

    smasher Hunter

    them manikin head are an awesome price going to have to look in to buy 1 of them i was going to cut 1 off my manikin its self lol as for the kleen clay awesome price to i was wondering is this company the same 1 that sells the kleen clay on ebay
  20. TuaCathach

    TuaCathach Elite Hunter

    still hasn't arrived a pox on the irish postal system... anyway not to worry. i will ask the advice of the guys that have gotten theirs and take it from there mate
  21. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Yep - the one and only in the UK ...but our direct prices are cheaper.
  22. predamaker

    predamaker Hunter

    hey man the clay arrived today thanks a lot, gonna have to sculpt something now
  23. Armourdillo

    Armourdillo Guest

    I hate to burst your bubble James.......but you're NOT the one and only UK distributor....

    ........but you ARE the one and only uk distributor thats WORTH bookmarking!!!

    Besides giving it away lol......when Xrobots SELLS his clay (lol)....his prices are VERY reasonable and competative
    Good service and NO hidden vat.

    Just check out the prices of his (probably) only competitor!!!
  24. XRobots

    XRobots Hunter

    Yes, I saw that a while ago, that's more than twice our price PLUS VAT... and they don't have firm.

    We are the one and only on eBay however.
  25. esdain

    esdain Hunter

    oooh, clay arrived this morning, thanks, decent amount, should be able to get a feel for what i want.

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