Death Warrior Commission, Wip!

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  1. Justin

    Justin Hunter

    I know the kit isn't exactly new for you fellas (and ladies) to look at at this point, but I don't think that means it kicks any less ass!

    I swear, though, I could paint a dozen of these things and not get bored of them. And no, that's not a threat, lol I consider myself lucky to have painted 2 of them. Narin's sculpture work on this piece is just ridiculous.

    An Austrialian collector decided to have me paint his Death Warrior kit for him, and this is what I've got so far. Mostly. I didn't bother to photograph the little odds and ends pieces I've finished so far, since I figured you could get the jist of it with just these. He told me to go nuts, whatever color/pattern scheme I wanted, whatever customization I wanted to add, he was all for it. Only thing he wanted to make sure I did was add quills. Easy enough, right? So, I decided I wanted to almost completely customize the spearhead/halberd portion of the weapon. I always thought that such a badass predator should have a ricockulous, outlandishly big, garish, ornate weapon, and I think I accomplished exactly that! Lemme know what you think of the spear's new shape!

    I'm finding I'm working a lot quicker these days. This is maybe a week and a half's worth of work, spending just a couple hours each day on it while switching back and forth between other commissioned pieces.

    Also, found a new way to do the supr glossy finish on the domes of the aliens which is a lot less stressful to do than using epoxy, with even better results, since you can get a gentler "fade" to the gloss onto the rest of the head. Let me know how you think it looks!

    Hope you guys dig it so far.

    2011-12-28 10.21.08.jpg

    2011-12-28 10.21.30.jpg

    2011-12-28 10.22.20.jpg

    2011-12-28 10.24.25.jpg

    2011-12-29 15.54.09.jpg

    2012-01-01 16.55.21.jpg

    2012-01-01 18.03.09.jpg

    2012-01-02 17.09.40.jpg

    2012-01-11 23.58.22.jpg

    2012-01-12 00.19.33.jpg

    2012-01-12 19.32.01.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.34.19.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.36.05.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.36.45.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.37.05.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.37.17.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.37.45.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.38.30.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.38.45.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.42.55.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.43.20.jpg

    2012-01-16 14.43.37.jpg
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  2. carss66

    carss66 Elite Hunter

    Awesome work,fantastic sculpt.Cant wait to see more.
  3. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Veteran Hunter

    detail work on the mottled skin tones on both predator and especially aliens is out of this world
  4. John Hircock

    John Hircock Hunter

    Very cool Justin, keep posting pictures.


    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    KILLING IT, I'll be keeping my eyes on this build, excellent work as usual. Is this the same commission we were talking about not too long ago?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I'm a buffoon, didn't even read the text lol - too busy gawking at the pictures.
  6. fatrix

    fatrix Unblooded

    (y)excellent work,can't wait to see!! !

    REYALS Veteran Hunter

    I am definitely following this one. I rather enjoy the work you produce and believe you do NARIN kits quite a bit of justice with the applications you create.
  8. Erwin

    Erwin Hunter

    Your the man Justin!
    You have great skills
  9. michael2

    michael2 Hunter

    Looks very imoressive so far.

    May i ask what you have used to create the glossy shine of the Alien domes ?
  10. Justin

    Justin Hunter

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement, guys! I look up to both Erwin and Michael quite a lot, so I'm very humbled. Thanks again.

    Michael, all I did was use straight Future Floor Polish, in a very heavy, consistent coat. I found that doing a few thin coats leaves a nice sheen, although a little "grainy" and not nearly as shiny as I was looking for, so I decided to see how far I could take the glossy finish, so I did a few VERY concentrated coats (pretty much to the point of flooding it) over the dome, and after leaving it overnight, came back to find a hard-as-rock, SUPER glossy shine. The first time I did it, I hadn't waited long enough (maybe a couple hours) and touched it, leaving a nice big visible fingerprint in the finish. Luckily, all I had to do was reapply more Future with my airbrush, and it glossed over the print, completely hiding it. BUT, to avoid that, I really recommend leaving it at least overnight in a dust-free area. I like that it's a soft edge from airbrushing it on as opposed to brushing on epoxy or something like that, so it transitions to the rest of the skin smoothly. Hope that helps!
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  11. Elder1

    Elder1 Unblooded

    Wow, great work :D

    greetings Michael
  12. michael2

    michael2 Hunter

    Thank you very much Justin !
    I think this will help a lot.
  13. Erwin

    Erwin Hunter

    I really like the organic texture of your model. You are right about the hard edge when you use epoxy. This has a much softer finish.
    And..... I look up to you now
  14. Justin

    Justin Hunter

    Been trying to work on this as consistently as possible, and I've got a couple concerns about the buildup so far... I'm really, REALLY happy with the "regular" dots and the added "inner dots," and I think they turned out just how I envisioned them, but I'm not sure how I feel about the dots on the inside of the black "blocked in" sections, and I feel it needs something more... should I should color over them and leave the black bits black? Make the dots lighter? Mottle the black bits with a different color? Make the dots inside smaller and more concentrated? Any ideas are welcome!

    Also, VERY happy with the armor pieces so far! I started doing washes a different way than I have in the past, and I'm really happy with the results thus far...

    I also wanted to do something different for the handle of the spear, and figured I'd keep it simple: I wanted to kind of go against the grain, do something opposite from the norm and drybrush with darker colors and do washes with lighter ones. It's tough to see the differences in the wash in the crevices, because it looks so white, but it's really just a light grey and there's a big difference in the shades. Lemme know how it looks...

    UPDATE!: resized the pics, sorry, guys

    2012-05-27 11.08.13.jpg

    2012-05-27 11.08.26.jpg

    2012-05-27 11.19.02.jpg

    2012-05-27 11.19.13.jpg

    2012-05-27 11.19.45.jpg

    2012-05-27 11.19.58.jpg
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  15. Erwin

    Erwin Hunter

    I really like what you did with the handle of the spear. It looks likes the small grey pieces are made of stone.


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