Alternative to Pros Aide?

Discussion in 'Predator Anatomy (Costumes)' started by XpHoBiaX, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. XpHoBiaX

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    I know it's here somewhere! I vaguely remember a topic about that somewhere...and I can't find it...( and I feel real stupid since the huntorials link is in my SIG)

    I could use a hand in finding that info.

    Anyways, is there anyone that can answer this question?
    The project I am working on calls for a 1:1 mix of prosaide and acrylic paint.

    At one point when I was here a long ass while ago, someone said to mix a little acrylic into the latex.

    If it helps, I am working from a book called "A complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup" and the project is "Cat Hands" on page 82.
    I don't know if anyone has or has heard of this book, but I am adapting what I learned from the book to making pred hands, feet and claws. (aside from other stuff)

    I wouldn't normally be posting a topic, but I am going materials shopping tomorrow. :/

    Thanks, and long time no see. lol
  2. Ei luj

    Ei luj Elite Hunter

  3. XpHoBiaX

    XpHoBiaX Hunter

    Thanks hun. I think what I meant was an alternative to perma wet...or something. People hated the permawet... LOL Got the two confused!! Go figure.

    I have rubber cement already. I could use it up. I have this huge jar I bought and decided it was gross and not what I wanted to use on a totally unrelated project.

    I am definately getting some prosaide, though!

    Missed ya too~!
  4. Ei luj

    Ei luj Elite Hunter

    You're welcome

    hmmmm, alternative to permawet........

    I think any thing clear, such as Krylon clear coat might be stiff.... not sure :)

  5. XpHoBiaX

    XpHoBiaX Hunter

    I liked that site you linked me too, by the way. :)
  6. ptgreek

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    Check out a product called V gloss... It was developed at Legacy and is a great alternative to permawet
  7. XpHoBiaX

    XpHoBiaX Hunter

    V gloss? Alright. Thanks!

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