Want to Buy Alient Xenomorph costume kit

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by emersonmarino, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. emersonmarino

    emersonmarino Hunter

    Hello Hunters, I'm looking to buy a full Xenomorph costume kit, raw and unpainted. Thanks!!

    Emerson M.
  2. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Elite Hunter

    Depending on when you need it by, I would wait until Wreav and his team complete their Xenomorph towards the end of the year.
  3. emersonmarino

    emersonmarino Hunter

    Sorry, I need it for this month. Thanks anyway!!

    Emerson M.
  4. Pbman

    Pbman Unblooded

    I built one for Halloween WP_20161031_20_56_23_Pro.jpg
  5. Fuzzball

    Fuzzball Unblooded

    I just bought my kit yesterday after stalking the maker on 3 different sites. Haha! PM me for details if you still havent found one
  6. JoshStrong

    JoshStrong Unblooded

    Looks amazing! What pieces did you use? Did you make them?

    ELDER WARRIOR Unblooded

    I'm also looking for info on buying a full suit . Please send me a PM . Thanks !
  8. Fuzzball

    Fuzzball Unblooded

    Pm sent
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  9. JoshStrong

    JoshStrong Unblooded

    sending u a pm
  10. Sarge2099

    Sarge2099 Unblooded

    I'm am in search of a Xenomorph costume kit or complete. PM me please.
  11. Fuzzball

    Fuzzball Unblooded

    I bought mine from Monsterroom (Jay Boden). I communicated with him through ebay, but he is on facebook too. Another seller is Auldeffects on facebook. He is making a nice suit too. I paid $960 I think for the kit shipped and it took a little over a month to receive it. There might be other sellers but these are the only two I was able to find here in the US.

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